What is a good antidote for poison?

Drugs such as atropine and magnesium are used to counteract the end-organ effects in organophosphorus poisoning. Vitamins such as vitamin K, folic acid and pyridoxine are used to antagonise the effects of warfarin, methotrexate and INH respectively in the setting of toxicity or overdose.

How does the cyanide kit work?

How does Cyanokit work? The active substance in Cyanokit, hydroxocobalamin, reacts with cyanide in the body to form cyanocobalamin, a non-poisonous compound that is removed from the body in the urine.

What is in cyanide kit?

Cyanide Antidote Kit 2 Ampules Sodium Nitrite Injection (300 mg in10mL of water) 2 Vials Sodium Thiosulfate Injection (12.5 g in 50mL of water) 12 Ampules Amyl Nitrite Inhalants (0.3 mL) 1 Sterile 10mL Disposable Syringe.

Which one is used as an antidote?

Atropine, used in organophosphorus poisoning, is an example of an antidote that is used to counter and mitigate the several muscarinic effect of the poison. Several vitamins are used to directly antagonize the effect of a drug or toxin.

What is the universal antidote?

Purpose of review: For decades, activated charcoal has been used as a ‘universal antidote’ for the majority of poisons because of its ability to prevent the absorption of most toxic agents from the gastrointestinal tract and enhance the elimination of some agents already absorbed.

What is the antidote for paracetamol?

Intravenous acetylcysteine is the antidote to treat paracetamol overdose and is virtually 100% effective in preventing liver damage when given within 8 hours of the overdose.

What is in a CYANOKIT?

CYANOKIT contains hydroxocobalamin, an antidote indicated for the treatment of known or suspected cyanide poisoning. The active ingredient in CYANOKIT is hydroxocobalamin, the hydroxylated active form of vitamin B12.

Is B12 antidote to cyanide?

The Vitamin B12 Analog Cobinamide Is an Effective Antidote for Oral Cyanide Poisoning – PMC. The .

Does aspirin have an antidote?

There is no antidote for salicylate poisoning. Initial treatment of an overdose involves resuscitation measures such as maintaining an adequate airway and adequate circulation followed by gastric decontamination by administering activated charcoal, which adsorbs the salicylate in the gastrointestinal tract.

What is the antidote for vitamin K?

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) has been the mainstay for urgent anticoagulation reversal in patients taking vitamin K antagonists (eg, warfarin).

What is the purpose of the antidote kit manual?

The intent of this manual is to provide concise, user-friendly guidelines for administration of selected antidotes, which are contained in the antidote kit. The antidotes included in the antidote kit were chosen based on well established criteria: they must be time-sensitive and efficacious, with the medical benefits outweighing the risks.

What is the Nova Scotia antidote kit program?

The Nova Scotia Provincial Antidote Kit Program was implemented to provide immediate access to lifesaving antidotes in emergency departments (EDs) across the province. The intent of this manual is to provide concise, user-friendly guidelines for administration of selected antidotes, which are contained in the antidote kit.

What is the minimum amount of antidote for poisoning?

Large amounts needed for poisoning: 5 grams is the minimum antidotal dose used in an ingestion of an unknown amount. Note: the 30 mL vials may only be available from compounding pharmacies.

Where can I find information on the use of antidote?

The Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS) can be contacted for information on use of antidote. business hours: 1-865-576-3131; afterhours: 1-865-576-1005. Note: IV 10% ethanol product no longer manufactured; fomepizole easier to dose and monitor than ethanol Fomepizole easier to dose and monitor than ethanol.