What is a brickyard tomato?

$27.27 – $2,525.00. This hybrid is more suitable for green mature market. It has good plant vigor and good plant cover, extra large fruit with uniform size, high fruit yield. This hybrid has resistance for Fusarium race 3 and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.

What type of tomato is sweet million?

cherry tomatoes
Sweet Million tomatoes are generally described as cherry tomatoes but in fact their size varies from just smaller than an average cherry tomato to golf ball size. The fruits are bright red and very glossy. They taste of a good mix of sweetness / acidity and at the same time have a reasonable amount of tomato flavour.

What is a Jerusalem tomato?

Jerusalem is a delightful oxheart type paste tomato. This regular leaf variety yields huge quantities of large 6 – 8 oz. strawberry shaped fruits. Jerusalem is one of the best ‘oxheart’ varieties available. The skin is very smooth and free of cracks and seams.

What is the most cold hardy tomato?

There are specific tomato varietals bred for cold hardiness which will tolerate conditions at or below 55 degrees F….Cold Hardy Tomatoes

  • Celebrity.
  • Golden Nugget.
  • Husky Gold.
  • Orange Pixie.
  • Oregon Spring.
  • Siletz.

What is a rodeo tomato?

The Rodeo Tomato of 2022 is STM2255, a determinate plant that produces a generous crop of large, globe-shaped tasty fruit with considerable disease resistance to alternaria, fusarium, verticillium and gray leaf spot.

How can you tell if a tomato is hybrid?

A HYBRID TOMATO is one that is the result of intentionally cross-pollinating two different varieties of tomato. This means the “child” plant will have characteristics of both of the “parent” plants. These tomatoes can be very hardy, disease resistant, and produce fruit that is consistent in size and shape.

What type of tomato is Ailsa Craig?

Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Ailsa Craig’ is a tall indeterminate variety, and has been a firm favourite with gardeners since it was bred in Scotland back in 1925. Its uniform, mid-red fruits ripen early in the season, and have an outstanding flavour. A heavy cropper, it can be grown in the greenhouse or outdoors.

What is the coldest temperature tomato plants can handle?

Although tomato plants can survive temperatures down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit, they show problems when temperatures drop below 50 degrees F, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Service.

What is a glacier tomato?

‘Glacier’ will be one of your first ripe tomatoes of summer, and one of your last tomatoes in the fall! This 30″ tall plant sets fruit earlier and in cooler temperatures than other varieties, and continues to produce throughout the season. 2″ flavorful slicers are the perfect size for sandwiches.

What is a bobcat tomato?

This high-yielding beefsteak produces globe shaped red fruit. This vigorous plant has dense foliage that provides excellent protection to the fruit. Suitable for large patio containers.

Are these Domingo seeds descended from a 5+ pound specimen?

Although these seeds should have the same genetic potential, they are not descended from any 5+ pounds specimens. Hopefully by October, 2022, I will have a fresh batch of Domingo seeds from top-of-the-line genetic lineages. ***NEWS FLASH: The 10-pound barrier has finally been broken!

Where did the seeds for delectation of tomatoes come from?

Source of seeds offered by Delectation of Tomatoes was directly from those produced by Vincenzo and generously shared by his daughter, Maria Cicciarella. Variety named by Dale Thurber of Delectation of Tomatoes with consultation and consent of Vincenzo and Maria.

What is the world record size of a tomato?

***NEWS FLASH: The 10-pound barrier has finally been broken! On July 14, 2020, Dan Sutherland of Walla Walla Washington produced a certified new WORLD RECORD tomato weighing in at an astonishing 10.795 lbs.!! Variety DOMINGO.