What happened to Hugo Boss Orange?

Hugo Boss will discontinue the Boss Orange and Boss Green labels as independent brands, as part of its new turnaround strategy unveiled today. The German fashion house will only operate two brands in future: the core Boss line and the entry-level price Hugo, which will be priced around 30% lower than Boss.

Is Hugo Boss man the same as Hugo Boss Orange?

The Product Oh but wait, as of 2018 the Hugo Boss Orange range is no longer in existence. So what happened to Hugo Boss Orange fragrance? After the range departure, this product is now labelled simply as Hugo Boss Man.

Why is there a green square on Hugo Boss?

Look for a green line under the BOSS logo on the label to indicate an item designed for athleisure wear, and an orange line on the label for casual pieces.

Is Boss owned by Hugo Boss?

The Company operates with two brands only – BOSS and HUGO. BOSS Orange and BOSS Green have been integrated into the BOSS core brand as of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Is there a difference between BOSS and HUGO BOSS?

HUGO is the sister brand to BOSS, both sitting at the top of the HUGO BOSS empire. Focussing on more trend-led pieces, HUGO weaves between smart and casual for a range that included everything from must-have sweatshirts to vibrate, printed shirts.

Is Hugo Boss still popular?

Stock prices for Hugo Boss began to decline in 2018, before rising again in November 2020. “It was a dependable brand,” said Robert Burke, a retail expert who previously worked as a top executive at Bergdorf Goodman. “Men would go there and get two or three suits. And then it became too dependable.”

What does BOSS Bodywear mean?

Bodywear By BOSS is a sporty collection that builds on the quality that you’ve come to know from BOSS’ mainline range. Expect tracksuits, tees and fleece shorts that will maximise your comfort whilst keeping that understated BOSS look intact.