What happened to Billy Fuccillo Kia?

If you live in Southwest Florida or near one of Billy Fuccillo’s other dealerships, you’ve heard his booming voice – on radio, on TV, or on the lot. On Friday, June 18, Fuccillo, 65, died after months of declining health, according to his dealership.

Who is the Fuccillo Kia girl?

Cape Coral Kia car dealer Billy Fuccillo has hired his new TV and radio commercial sidekick. McKinzie Roth, 36, replaces Caroline Renfro, who resigned from the role last fall after an eight-year run. Roth, a model, TV reporter in Portland, Oregon and seasoned commercial star, won the job over about…

Who took Fuccillo dealerships?

Matthews Auto Group
Five Fuccillo auto dealerships have been sold to Matthews Auto Group, a Vestal-based company. The announcement came in a press release Wednesday morning from the group. Of the five dealerships sold, three are from the Syracuse area, including Fuccillo Kia, Fuccillo Nissan of Clay, and Fuccillo Hyundai.

What happened to Billy Fuccillo in 2020?

In July 2020, David Dorsey of the Fort Myers News-Press reported that Billy had stopped responding to his messages back in October 2019 — an uncharacteristic move for Billy, who is usually quite communicative. Billy has also apparently stopped filming commercials for the dealership.

What happened to Billy Fuccillo 2021?

Fuccillo died June 18 after a long illness. He was originally from Long Island and later attended Syracuse University. He was known for his famous commercial catchphrase: “It’s huuuuuge!” Fuccillo was also an avid golfer and supporter of charity causes who touched the lives of many New Yorkers.

Why did Caroline Renfro resign from Fuccillo Kia?

But she resigned in late 2017. The departure was friendly, although somewhat abrupt. Fuccillo originally said Renfro left to become a nun in Virginia, but later he said he did not know why she left for Spain. Renfro said Saturday that she left the U.S. to “get out and kind of go places that I hadn’t been.”

Is Caroline Billy Fuccillo’s daughter?

She is not Tom Parks’ daughter. He has two sons. Billy, on the other hand, has a son (we’ve heard him mention the young man in the commercials). He attends school in North Carolina (ding, ding, ding — Caroline’s home state), but is currently in Spain.

Where is Billy Fuccillo Jr?

The Syracuse Auto Dealers Association announced Fuccillo’s death Friday morning in an email to members. “It is with great sadness that we advise you of the passing of former member and friend, Billy Fuccillo,” the note said. Fuccillo passed away in Florida at his home “after months of declining health.”

How much did Billy Fuccillo sell his dealerships for?

$36 million
The $36 million deal would include both dealerships, which would become owned by Plantation-based LMP Automotive Holdings.

Is Billy Fuccillo ill 2021?

Is Billy Fuccillo Dead 2021?

June 2021Billy Fuccillo / Date of death