What does the retarder do in ets2?

The Retarder slow down the Drive shaft from the Transmission to the rear axel !

What is the retarder on a truck ets2?

what is the retarder . As far as i can gather, its a device to increasingly add a load (force) to the engine drive wheels for eg. if you have a heavy load going downhill, increase retarder and you won’t have to dab brakes.

How do I disable retarder on euro truck?

Check your key mappings in the in-game options. The retarder has more than one level of intensity so you might need to press the “Retarder Decrease” key more than once to fully disable it.

What is retarder in truck simulator?

Retarder is for when you’re going downhill, particularly with a heavy load. Using your brakes going downhill can cause them to fade, so you use the retarder instead and increase or decrease it as needed to maintain your speed. These can be used automatically or manually or both, depending on your game settings.

What does the retarder do?

Retarders are used to further improve the braking performance on commercial vehicles. Like engine brakes, they are wear-free continuous brakes. Retarders relieve the service brake and increase the active safety and cost-effectiveness of commercial vehicles. Retarders are installed in a commercial vehicle’s drive train.

How do I get rid of retarder?

If you’re having trouble locating the key on your keyboard; just reconfigure the binding to the + and – keys on the numpad to make things easier. Then you can simply disable the retarder by hitting the – key.

What is the meaning of retarder?

retarder. / (rɪˈtɑːdə) / noun. a person or thing that retards. a substance added to slow down the rate of a chemical change, such as one added to cement to delay its setting.

Do you use the retarder in Ets2?

In general I use the retarder in ETS2 as I would use my Jake here in the US as they feel the same. I keep it on manual use (other then cruise control which you can’t turn it off on CC) and use it to slow my speed coming up on exits and toll booths.

How do you use the retarder?

2) If you turn on “automatic retarder” in gameplay settings, it will turn on when you use the brake to help you slow down faster. 3) In key settings, you can bind “retarder increase” and “retarder decrease”. When you push the increase key, the retarder will turn on and slow you down, unless you are pushing the accelerator.

Where is the retarder located on a truck?

I’ll note that the retarder only actually engages in that case when off the throttle. For most (all?) of the trucks in the game, the retarder is increased/decreased by a stalk on the right side of the steering wheel, so you can roughly tell what position it’s in when you get used to a truck.

How do I fix the retarder on my keyboard?

(American keyboard, inbetween colon and eneter key. The retarder has several levels. So you will have to tap the key several times. Occasionaly with crusie control the retarder will get stuck on. To fix you will have to turn it all the way on, then all the way off.