What does Maryland provisional license mean?

A provisional license is the next stage of the Rookie Driver graduated licensing system process. You must have passed the Maryland driver skills test to obtain a provisional license. In the provisional phase, the driver gains experience by driving without supervision but with restrictions.

How long is a provisional license in Maryland?

18 months
In Maryland, you are required to drive with a provisional license for a minimum of 18 months without any moving violations. If you receive a moving violation, your 18 months will reset. Your license will be automatically upgraded after the 18 months have been completed.

How do I get my provisional license Maryland?

To get a provisional drivers license in Maryland you must meet these requirements: Be at least 16 years and 6 months old. Applicants must pass a Maryland MVA licensed and approved standardized driver education course. Starting January 1, 2009, all course information is submitted directly to the MVA.

What time can you drive with a provisional license in Maryland?

Go to mvascheduling.mva.maryland.gov to schedule an appointment. If younger than 18, provisional licenses will carry 4 restrictions: only authorized to drive without supervision between the hours of 5 am to midnight. From midnight to 5 am they must be accompanied by a qualified supervising driver.

What are the rules for driving with a provisional licence?

With a provisional driving licence under your belt, you’re free to start learning to drive a car on public roads, but there are strings attached. You must be accompanied at all times by a full licence holder who is over 21, qualified to drive the vehicle you’re driving and has held their licence for three years.

How long does a provisional license last?

Your provisional driving licence has a shelf life, so you will need to ensure you have completed your driving test successfully before that time. The good news is a provisional driving licence lasts 10 years, so for most applicants, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Does provisional license count as ID?

A provisional is id. easy peasy, absolutely acceptable id.

Can I drive with provisional license without theory test?

Take a driving theory test What you will definitely need to do before taking your practical driving test is take and pass your theory test. All you need to take the theory test is your provisional licence, enough cash to cover the fee and a reasonably comprehensive grasp of the Highway Code.

Can I drive alone with provisional license?

Put simply, you’re breaking the law. It’s illegal to drive on a provisional licence without a qualified driver beside you. If you are caught, you’ll receive a fine and penalty points. For new drivers, that could mean an instant ban as soon as you’ve passed your test.