What does it mean to retweet a reply?

ReTweet. Meaning. Reply is response to something written by someone on Twitter. Retweet is the way you forward another user’s tweet to your followers.

Can you retweet a reply?

By posting a quote retweet, you are sharing the original tweet, but you also have the ability to reply to the user and ask a question or answer back to their post. For those times that you just want to do it all, quote tweeting is the way to go.

Why do people quote retweet instead of reply?

This is a great way to engage with other users while also bringing your own audience into the conversation. When you reply directly to a tweet, your response won’t necessarily be seen by all of your followers. Quote tweeting pushes the initial tweet alongside your response into your feed, igniting the conversation.

How do I retweet a reply thread?

How to publish a Tweet thread

  1. Click the “Tweet” button to compose a new Tweet.
  2. Write your first Tweet. Click the “Add another Tweet” button and a second Tweet window will pop up.
  3. You can publish the entire thread at the same time with the “Tweet all” button.

Do you have to tweet your reply?

The person you’re replying to must follow you before your reply shows in their homepage tweet timeline. If they don’t follow you, it only shows up in their Notifications tab, a special page every Twitter user has that contains Tweets that mention their username or handle.

What is the benefit of retweeting?

Retweets can see greater impression rates than an original post, which translates into more opportunities for users to see (and follow) your profile. Plus, influencers often repay the favor by retweeting your comment, giving you a thank-you and a mention, adding you to a list, or following you back.

Should you Retweet or comment?

Quote Tweeting: How to Retweet a Post & Add Your Thoughts And in that case, you might want to do quote tweet. This is when you would retweet a post from another Twitter user and add a comment to the conversation. Unlike a reply, these posts will show up on the main section of your Twitter profile.

Is it rude to quote tweet?

I don’t think it is rude to quote a tweet. Especially when it is being done to add points in the context, add additional information, or probably give their personal insights. After all, Twitter was created in an attempt of allowing users to communicate.

Which is better retweet or quote tweet?

In my experience, if you only retweet, you are helping the other user’s tweets to increase their reach. If you use quote tweet, you give an opinion, share thoughts, and share value on Twitter to provide the best to the Twitter social network platform.

How do I respond to a tweet with a thread?

2, you quote the tweet you wish to reply to and thread as many tweets necessary. Copy the URL of the thread you just did. Then, you comment the tweet you wish to answer with an appealing resume of your thread and paste the link to your thread at the end.

How many tweets is a thread?

A thread from someone you follow with 2 or 3 Tweets will generally appear on your timeline connected by a line to distinguish them as a bundle. When there are 4 or more Tweets in a thread, the Tweets will be truncated, and you’ll see an option to Show this thread.

How do you tweet a reply?

Here’s how to reply to a Tweet:

  1. Navigate to the tweet you want to respond to and select the Reply button underneath (it looks like a chat bubble).
  2. A new message window appears. Type your reply into the box.
  3. Select Reply to send.

How to reply and retweet on Twitter?

Different ways to Reply and Retweet. Replies. Replying to tweets is the way to remain friendly and have conversations on Twitter. There are two ways to reply to tweets. There is an @ reply where you use “@username” in your message. Such replies are public i.e. visible on your Twitter page.

What is retweeting and why should you retweet?

Retweeting is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about anything worth sharing, while building your social media engagement. What Should You Retweet? If you think your followers would benefit from the info, retweet it.

Can I turn off all retweets on or off?

Turning Retweets on or off is not retroactive, meaning that you can’t remove Retweets that are already in your timeline. It is not possible to turn off ALL Retweets from ALL accounts. How can I undo or delete my Retweet?

Why are my retweets not showing up in apps?

Note: Retweets may appear differently in third-party applications, and will show up in apps only if they are using Twitter’s Retweet API. Many apps have built in their own version of Retweeting—those Tweets are not treated as official Retweets on Twitter.