What does downstream mean?

Definition of downstream 1 : in the direction of or nearer to the mouth of a stream floating downstream located two miles downstream. 2 : in or toward the latter stages of a usually industrial process or the stages (such as marketing) after manufacture improving profits downstream downstream products.

What does it mean to flow downstream?

The word downstream (which is one word instead of being two words; down stream) mainly means the direction that the water in a river flows. Downhill, towards the sea, or nearer to the mouth of the stream (where the river ends). It can also be known as downriver.

What are downstream effects?

relating to or happening at a later stage in a process. downstream effects/costs. Synonyms and related words. Late or too late.

What is downstream decision making?

Downstream refers to the benefits (or costs) that will ultimately result from decisions made today.

What is downstream DNA?

The region of the coding strand towards the three prime ends is called the downstream DNA. The position of genetic code in downstream DNA starts with positive numbering. The downstream has the protein-coding region that undergoes transcription.

What is another word for downstream?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for downstream, like: upstream, , downriver, , downdrift, outfall, upriver, eastward and seawards.

What is downstream air?

By definition, downstream would mean after the blower, upstream would be before, opposite the direction of air flow in relation to the blower.

What is downstream work?

Downstream operations refer to the final processes in the production and sale of goods, where finished products are created and sold to consumers.

What is upstream decision?

definitions, we define upstream decisions as those that. are made before the requirements are settled and the. implementation phase starts.

What is Downstreaming biology?

Downstreaming occurs – this is when insulin is extracted, purified and packaged. The pure insulin produced can be used to treat diabetes.

What is the meaning of downstream?

The definition of downstream is in the same sense as the flow of water. When a piece of driftwood moves to the left and the flow of water moves to the left, this is an example of when the driftwood moves downstream. How do you determine the upstream and downstream flow of a river?

What is Downstream Strategy?

Downstream marketing is a strategy that is used for an immediate increase in revenue or immediate product recognition. This is the most common marketing strategy used by small businesses. A marketing campaign design to get customers into the business immediately is considered a downstream example.

What does downstream mean in business?

Upstream Production Elements. Using the metaphor of a river,upstream production refers to all the activities needed to gather the materials required to create a product.

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  • What do “downstream” and “upstream” mean in USB terms?

    collecting parts

  • assembling the parts
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