What does deuces mean in slang?

peace; goodbye
Interjection. deuces. (African-American Vernacular, slang) peace; goodbye (because of the associated gesture holding up two fingers) quotations ▼

What does Double Deuce mean?

The number 22. “Deuce” is another word for the number two. A: “I hear you’re double-deuces now.” B: “Yeah, I am. It’s not as exciting as when I turned 21.”

What language is Deuce?

Deuce (so called when the score reaches 40-40 in tennis) is also thought to come from the French. It could derive from the word deus, Old French for two or from à deux de jeu (meaning two points from the end of the game).

What is the name Deuce?

The name Deuce is boy’s name meaning “two”. Basketball’s Jayson Tatum introduced this to the naming lexicon when he used it as a clever nickname for his son, Jayson Christoper Jr. It fits in with nicknames like Trey or Trip for boys who are the third in the family with their name; we’ve even heard Quatty and Quinto.

What is the term if you miss one serve?

Singles – a tennis game played by two players. Second Service – the second serve that the server is allowed after missing the first serve. This serve must be successful or the server will lose the point (called a double fault).

What is let tennis?

Let – a serve is called a let when the ball hits the net cord but still lands in the service court. Such a serve is not considered a fault and the server may repeat the service attempt.

What is Deuces?

when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing ” peace ” when leaving an establishment, “deuces” is often said. roscoe: ite, shan’quenetta see y’all tomorrow. Get the deuces neck gaiter and mug. 1. A; dude i gotta go 2. A; lemme get shorts on that square

What does BMS mean?

What does BMS mean? On social media, the acronym BMS means “broke my scale.” It is used to say that something is unbelievably good and can’t be quantified on a scale of 1 to 10 (or any other numerical scale). How is BMS used?

What is another word for dropped a deuce?

My dog dropped a deuce on the curb. See more words with the same meaning: to defecate, poop, shit. Last edited on Jun 07 2013. Submitted by Skouf from Haddonfield, NJ, USA on Aug 19 2002 . used in place of shit in the reference of defecation.

What does BMS stand for on Instagram?

BMS is an acronym that stands for ‘Broke My Scale’. Now we know what you are thinking, but no this is not an indication of how fat someone is. BMS is used in relation to a scale set by someone and usually implies beauty. The BMS acronym is used quite universally and is not limited to any specific social media app.