What does baby hazel like to do?

Baby Hazel and her friends Bella, Jake, Liam, Andrew and Mia not only care each other but also their pets. They like to play with pet animals and also take care of them by feeding, bathing and building their homes. Baby Hazel likes outdoors as much as staying at home with family and pets.

What kind of voice does baby Hazel have?

She is currently voiced by text-to-speech Nelly since Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles, but sometimes, she is voiced by text-to-speech Ivy. To go along with this, Baby Hazel reuses some sound clips such as “Thank you” or “Yay!”. In the early games, she had a different laughing animation, but it was changed in Baby Hazel Goes Sick.

How old is baby Hazel in real life?

Baby Hazel is a 4 year old girl who lives with their Mother, their Father, and their little brother, Baby Matt. They also have many pets. Appeared in all games of the Baby Hazel Series.

Why does baby Hazel cry so much?

Baby Hazel is known for being a bit of a crybaby, crying when in pain, when she’s not getting something from the player in time, and when her parents don’t allow her to do something. Baby Hazel doesn’t speak much in the first few games. She first spoke in Baby Hazel Gingerbread House, and she first spoke with sounds in Baby Hazel Learns Shapes.

Baby Hazel loves to make some delicious cooking dishes together with you! Join her now in these online cooking games! Hurray! Baby Hazel is celebrating her 3rd birthday.

How do you Celebrate baby Hazel’s 3rd Birthday?

Baby Hazel is celebrating her 3rd birthday. Let us join Hazel to enjoy dancing, feasting and magic shows at her birthday party. On this special occasion, keep Baby Hazel happy by fulfilling…; It’s time for Baby Hazel to explore her cooking skills! Baby Hazel is hungry and mom is not at home.

What is baby Hazel planning for her Tea Party?

Baby Hazel is planning a tea with her best friends. She’s busy making pretty invitations and planning her outfit so that she can look fabulous for the tea party. But, this little girl is in over …; Baby Hazel is forced to stay home from school today because of the heavy storm that is covering her neighborhood in a blanket of snow.

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