What college did Larry Hughes go to?

Christian Brothers College High School
Saint Louis University
Larry Hughes/Education

Is Larry Hughes good?

Hughes’ 14-year career was impressive, if unspectacular. At his peak, he was a solid secondary scorer and good defender. He made the NBA’s All-Defense first team in 2005. But most people want to hear stories about his legendary teammates.

How tall is Larry Hughes Jr?

Larry Hughes II

Status Walk-on at Saint Louis
Position SG
Height 6-3
Weight 0
Hometown St Louis, MO

Was Larry Hughes ever an all star?

NBA career He is known for being a versatile and athletic guard with strong defensive abilities, and was selected to the 2004–05 NBA All-Defensive 1st Team as a member of the Wizards.

How much money did Larry Hughes make?

Weight:184 lbs. / 83.5 kg….Larry Hughes NBA Salary.

Season Team Salary
2011/12 Orlando Magic $414,443 ($498,854*)
2009/10 Sacramento Kings $13,655,268 ($17,200,751*)
2008/09 New York Knicks $12,827,676 ($15,927,739*)

Was Mo Williams A All-Star?

In 2009, Williams was selected as an NBA All-Star. In 2016, he won his first NBA championship with the Cavaliers.

Did Larry Hughes play with Michael Jordan?

Note that Hughes was teammates with Jordan in the 2002-03 NBA season — MJ’s final year.

Was Mo Williams A All Star?

How many 50 point games does Mo Williams have?

Most 50-Point Games

Player # Times
Charles Smith 1
Brandon Roy 1
Andre Miller 1
Mo Williams 1