What can I use to level my table?

A sheet of thin cork or rubber that is cut to the size and shape of the bottom of a table leg will level it off. Wobble the table to determine which leg is the shortest, cut a piece of cork or rubber that fits and glue it in place. Use the thinnest pieces possible so that you can stack pieces together if you need more.

How do you make a wood surface even?

  1. Use a table saw. If you’ve got a large board to plane, a table saw might be a good option.
  2. Use a router. You can use a router to substitute for a wood planer in a similar way to a table saw.
  3. Use a jack plane.
  4. Use a wide-belt or drum sander.
  5. Get out the sandpaper.
  6. Take it to a cabinet maker.

Why do tables wobble?

Macfarlane says that wobbly tables usually occur either because the table’s legs are uneven or the floor beneath them isn’t flat. If you suspect that this is the case, you’ll need a furniture glide, a level, and a hammer. “To determine which leg is causing the issue, place the level on the table and center the bubble.

How do you use a sander to flatten a table top?

I “float” the sander diagonally back and forth until the top looks clean then use an orbital sander and finally hand sanding the entire top to finish. This approach has worked but it does tend to leave highs and lows in places (not enough to see but you can feel them).

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