What are the notes on a 20 button concertina?

20-Button Anglo Concertina That’s the air button. Instead of playing a note, it allows you to open or close the bellows quietly. Each row of buttons is in a different key, most often C and G, although the lower-pitched combination of G and D is also common.

Is playing the concertina hard?

More videos on YouTube Yes, the concertina is a very easy instrument to play. Its compact size and fixed tuning mean that any age can pick it up. You’ll find it simple to get a sound from it immediately. With the help of a fingering chart and online concertina lessons you can be playing a simple tune within 20 minutes.

Where is C on the concertina?

The version of the concertina most commonly used in Irish music is the 30-key so-called Anglo Concertina where the first inner row of keys is tuned to the key of G and the middle row to the key of C.

How do you tell what key a concertina is?

You can Determine The Key of your concertina by using the tools and process featured on this website. Is my concertina a ‘double,’ ‘triple,’ or ‘quad? ‘ The only way to determine the reed configuration with certainty is to open-up the instrument and count them.

What type of concertina should I buy?

If you want to play in groups or ensembles of concertinas, go for an English concertina. For English folk dance the push-pull pattern of the anglo scale gives a “lift” to the music. For song accompaniment or for solo instrumentals duets are ideal.

What are the different types of concertinas?

All types of concertinas come in multiple sizes–in general, these diagrams show examples toward the smaller end of the scale. The Anglo type (uniquely) produces two different notes with each button, one note when the bellows are drawn open and a different note when the bellows are pushed closed.

How do the other concertina systems produce the notes shown?

All the other concertina systems produce the note shown on the button on both draw and push. (Click to enlarge.) (Click to enlarge.) (Click to enlarge.)

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