What are the features of the 2011 Infiniti QX56?

Notable Features of the 2011 INFINITI QX56 Redesigned for 2011 Standard 5.6-liter V-8 with direct-injection Available four-wheel drive Seats up to eight 8,500-pound towing capacity Available 360-degree camera view

Is the Audi QX56 a good car?

I still wouldn’t call it handsome, like the Audi Q7, but the Q7’s awesomely sleek exterior comes at the cost of interior room. For a massive SUV, the QX56 is a surprising performer. The 5.6-liter V-8 makes 400 horsepower and 413 pounds-feet of torque.

Where is the Infiniti QX56 made?

It was the first Infiniti built in America, at a manufacturing facility in Canton, Miss. Available in seven- or eight-seat configurations, the QX56 is best suited for buyers with people-hauling and towing needs. Its primary competitors are the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

What kind of engine does a QX56 have?

A new, more rigid frame helped reduce vibration and improve ride quality. Production moved to Japan. The QX56 was hailed for a quiet ride on-road, while its truck-based platform gave the 4WD version respectable off-road capability. With 315 hp from its V-8 engine, the QX56 offered brisk acceleration at the expense of gas mileage.

How does the 2011 Subaru QX56 compare to the 2010 model?

From chassis to roof, the 2011 QX56 is significantly different from the 2010. For a comparison with the 2010, see here. Base 2011 models have rear-wheel drive, and the QX56 I tested had all-wheel drive and a bunch of other options that pushed the price just past $75,000; all versions have a 400-horsepower V-8 and seven-speed automatic transmission.

What kind of truck is the Nissan QX56?

Unlike the previous-generation model, which was related to the U.S.-built Nissan Armada pickup truck, the new QX56 is based on the Japan-built Nissan Patrol, a dedicated all-wheel-drive utility vehicle that is the company’s answer to the Toyota Land Cruiser.