What are the different generations of computer system?

Classification of generations of computers

Generations of computers Generations timeline Evolving hardware
Second generation 1950s-1960s Transistor based
Third generation 1960s-1970s Integrated circuit based
Fourth generation 1970s-present Microprocessor based
Fifth generation The present and the future Artificial intelligence based

What are the basic differences between the four generations of computer?

Diference between different generation of computers

Particulars First Fourth
Size Room Size Typewriter Sized Computers & Laptops
Density One Component per Circuit Hundreds of Thousands of Components per Circuit
Technology Vacuum Tubes Large Scale Integrated Semiconductor Circuits
Main Memory Magnetic Drum LSI Semiconductor Circuits

What are the five different generations of computer?

What Are The Five Generations of Computer Technology?

  • First Generation (1940-1956)
  • Second Generation (1956-1963)
  • Third Generation (1964-1971)
  • Fourth Generation (1971-2010)
  • Fifth Generation (Present Day)

What are the 1st to 5th generation of computers?

In accordance with the methodology for assessing the development of computer technology, the first generation was considered to be vacuum tube computers, the second – transistor computers, the third – computers on integrated circuits, the fourth – using microprocessors, and the fifth generation computers is based on …

What is the difference between 3rd and 4th generation computers?

Answer: The period of third generation was from 1965-1971 where Fourth Generation of computers was between 1971 – 1980. The computers of third generation used Integrated Circuits (ICs) whereas fourth generation computers used the VLSI technology or the Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits technology.

What are the differences between a 4th and a 5th generation computers?

The simple answer is 5th Gen computing is about developing AI – speech recognition, etc. It is developed using massively parallel computing. The difference between the 5thgen and it’s predecessor was fourth gen was designed using microprocessors. They describe the difference as VLSI vs ULSI microprocessors.

What are the difference between first and fifth generation of computer?

The first generation of computers is based on vacuum tubes and the fifth generation is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Generation of computers is one of the topics students learn in basic computer science in schools.