What are the best dorms at University of South Carolina?

Top 7 Residences at the University of South Carolina

  • 650 Lincoln.
  • Patterson Hall. …
  • Sims at Women’s Quad. …
  • Park Place. …
  • Green Quad A, B, & C. …
  • Capstone. …
  • Woodrow.

Where do most freshman live at USC?

main university park campus
Additionally, all freshman housing is on the main university park campus, with the exception of McCarthy Honors Residential College which is a 5-minute walk away in the USC Village.

Can you choose your dorm at USC?

Once you have your login information, you may apply by clicking on the” Housing Application” link on our online portal. Begin by selecting the term for which you are applying. Freshmen and transferring undergraduates should select either: Academic Year 2022–2023 – For those starting in August 2022.

Where do most USC students live off campus?

Many students choose to live on 28th and 29th streets to remain close to Greek life and other off-campus activities. Student favorites like Taco Bell, Thai by Trio, and the famous 901 Bar & Grill (affectionately known as the 9-0) can all be found on Figueroa Street which is adjacent to the Greek Row.

How much is a dorm at USC?

Sample Costs

Estimated Living Expenses 2018-2019 Residence Halls (DMT) Suite (FLT)
Rent $9,300 $10,830
Required Meal Plans $6,100 $6,100
Parking (Optional) $999 $999
Personal / Miscellaneous $2,000 $2,000

Do USC dorms have their own bathrooms?

Most suites in these buildings have four double rooms to accommodate eight residents (pictured). However, the International Residential College has a variety of suite types, some of which include both single and double rooms. All suites have two bathrooms.

Do USC dorms have bathrooms?

Students stay in double-occupancy rooms, share community bathrooms, lounges, study rooms and workout areas. This format, along with the rich history of some of these buildings, makes residence halls a very popular choice. Suites can accommodate up to eight residents, with four double-occupancy rooms and two bathrooms.

Does USC cover off campus housing?

Now that you know the pros and cons of living in an on and off-campus residence, you can make the decision you find more suitable for you and your overall needs. If you are interested in living in off-campus USC Housing, First Choice is your best choice! Contact us today by calling (213) 765-3330.

Can you live at USC village?

USC Village The housing complex has approximately 2,000 spots open for returning students. From lofts with kitchenettes to full-sized apartments with living rooms, USC Village has something for everyone.