What are the 5 causes of accidents?

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  • Intoxication. Drunk driving is one of the worst actions drivers can do on the road.
  • Speeding. Far too often, drivers ignore posted speed limits because they feel the need to get to their destination quicker.
  • Distractions.
  • Recklessness.
  • Bad Weather.

What are the 4 most common causes of accidents?

Here are some common accidents you should be aware of so you can look out for the hazards that cause them.

  • Slips, trips or falls.
  • Handling, lifting or carrying.
  • Struck by moving object.
  • Acts of violence.
  • Falls from Height.

What is the main cause of accident?

Main cause of accidents and crashes are due to human errors. We are elaborating some of the common behaviour of humans which results in accident. Various national and international researches have found these as most common behavior of Road drivers, which leads to accidents.

How can prevent accidents?


  1. Drive in the prescribed speed limits on the various roads.
  2. Always put on helmets, seat belts and other safety equipments before driving a bicycle/ motor cycle/vehicle.
  3. Do not drink and drive.
  4. Never use mobile phones or ear phones while driving.

Why should accidents take place?

Road accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Often, drivers are distracted while behind the wheel, taking their focus away from the road. Sometimes, accidents occur for a combination of reasons, from bad visibility to unsafe road design, or other drivers lack caution.

How can we prevent accidents?

Top Ten Tips To Avoid An Accident

  1. Develop the right attitude about driving.
  2. Get as much supervised practice driving as possible.
  3. ALWAYS wear your safety belt.
  4. Underage drinking and drug use is illegal.
  5. Limit your passengers.
  6. Limit your night driving.
  7. Keep it slow and safe for starters.
  8. Train for poor weather conditions.

What first aid should we apply for those accidents?


  • apply and maintain pressure to the wound with your gloved hand, using a clean pad or dressing if possible; continue to apply pressure until the bleeding stops.
  • use a clean dressing to bandage the wound firmly.

What are the most common types of accidents?

Install smoke alarms and check them regularly.

  • Consider fire sprinkler systems or fire extinguishers in your home
  • Keep your home heating sources cleaned and regular maintained
  • Check electrical wiring regularly
  • Avoid overloading outlets and extension cords
  • Don’t store combustible materials near heat sources
  • What are the most common causes of serious accidents?

    – Side-impact collisions – Head-on collisions – Rollover collisions

    Why should you report any accidents or near accidents?

    “A near miss is a leading indicator to an accident that, if scrutinized and used correctly, can prevent injuries and damages.” Report and react Collecting near-miss reports helps create a culture that seeks to identify and control hazards, which will reduce risks and the potential for harm, OSHA states.

    Do accidents occur or happen?

    Why Do Accidents Happen? August 25, 2010, Rikki Roehrich, 1 Comment. Why Do Accidents Happen? Accidents, also known as actions that cause unintentional injury, or are categorized as an undesired, incidental and unplanned event that could have been prevented has circumstances leading up to it been recognized and acted upon before its occurrence. i Since the occurrence of an accident is