What are my intercepted signs?

Intercepted signs refer to the fact that in horoscopes that are erected for the northern or southern latitudes the12 houses are not all evenly spaced at 30 degrees apart. The result is that two out of the 12 signs get swallowed up inside two opposing houses and thus do not govern a house of their own.

What are Zodiac duplicates?

The duplication is a sign that rules two houses in order to make up for the intercepted area in the chart. You can see the duplicated sign as your area of expertise in that sense. There is a big focus on these signs qualities and chances are you early learned to develop them well.

What does an intercepted house mean?

When a sign is completely swallowed up by a house – never touching a house cusp, in other words – it is said to be “intercepted.” I get a lot of questions about that astrological situation so I thought it would be a good topic for a newsletter.

How do you unlock the intercepted signs?

If you find the first key, ruler of the house cusp, and then the second key, ruler of the intercepted sign, you are then able to access whatever is contained in the interception: the intercepted planet. This planet also rules other areas of the chart where fulfillment will depend on your unlocking the interception.

What happens when a Virgo Sign is intercepted?

In the opposite house where Virgo is intercepted, they could be excessively focused on details and find it difficult to get the big picture. The effects will manifest mostly in the areas of life that are governed by the houses containing the interceptions. How do you deal with intercepted signs?

What is an intercepted sign in astrology?

If a house has an intercepted sign, the opposite house must have an interception as well. First and Seventh Houses: The problem areas are “presenting” yourself (1st house) and partnerships (7th house). The nature of the intercepted signs will show the specific problem areas.

How many signs do you need to intercept a sign?

If a sign is intercepted, the opposite sign must be intercepted as well. There are twelve signs and twelve houses. There has to be one sign at the beginning of every house. If two signs are intercepted, two other signs must do “double duty” and each has to appear on two house cusps.

What does it mean to intercept Libra with Virgo?

Since Virgo is the sign on the house cusp, a person with intercepted Libra will be seen as a servant in that area, or as someone who is always supplying services, or who always has the answers. Conversely, other people may be the ones who are forced into the role of servants.