Was Tito Puente in the Simpsons?

On The Simpsons, Puente appeared as himself in the first part of “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” as a guest music instructor at Springfield Elementary School. In part two, he returned with his Latin Jazz Ensemble, and they performed the Emmy-nominated song “Señor Burns”.

What did Tito Puente died of?

Heart attackTito Puente / Cause of death
NEW YORK (CNN) — Tito Puente, the Latin music bandleader and percussionist, died Wednesday night at New York University Hospital after undergoing heart surgery, a spokesman said Thursday. He was 77.

Who Shot Mr Burns stroking guns?

Burns as it was revealed at the end of part 2, and instead Mr. Burns was actually shot by characters such as Marge, Lisa, Grandpa, Bart, and Homer. In April 2020 a viral post circulated that compares the clown character in the final scene of part one to how Homer looked when he dressed as Krusty in Homie the Clown.

When was Tito Puente on Sesame Street?

In 1993, Puente guest starred on Sesame Street in multiple segments, including one in which his dance music eventually wins over even Oscar the Grouch. Years later, he was parodied as Tito, the world’s greatest timbale playing bat.

Who is Tito Puente’s daughter?

Audrey PuenteTito Puente / Daughter

Who played Mr Burns’s son?

Rodney Dangerfield
Larry Burns was voiced by stand-up comedian, the late Rodney Dangerfield and has appeared in two episodes.

Does Tito Puente have kids?

Tito Puente Jr.
Audrey PuenteRichard Puente
Tito Puente/Children

What is Tito Puente most famous song?

Oye Como Va
(April 20, 1923 – June 1, 2000), commonly known as Tito Puente, was an American musician, songwriter, bandleader, and record producer of Puerto Rican descent. He is best known for dance-oriented mambo and Latin jazz compositions that endured over a 50-year career. His most famous song is “Oye Como Va”.

Was Tito Puente married?

Margaret AsencioTito Puente / Spouse (m. 1963–2000)