Was there really a BBC documentary about the Royal Family?

A two-part BBC documentary about the notoriously vicious British press’s relationship to princes Harry and William has prompted a rare joint statement from three generations of the monarchy, and speculation that the royal family might boycott the network.

Was Queen Elizabeth’s coronation filmed?

The event was also filmed in colour, separately from the BBC’s black and white television broadcast, where an average of 17 people watched each small TV. Elizabeth’s coronation was also the first major world event to be broadcast internationally on television.

Does the documentary of the royal family still exist?

The Queen later had the documentary banned; it has not been shown on British TV since 1977, and access to view the film was heavily restricted. In early 2021 it was leaked and published on the internet. It remains available to view on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

Was real footage of the coronation used in the crown?

Except in shots where the people would be identifiable or where the footage was of insufficient quality, restored black and white TV footage of the actual coronation was used. This restored footage was also used as the model for replacement shots, to ensure they did not look faked.

Did the royal family do a reality show?

The 110-minute programmed – called the ‘Royal Family’ – aired in June 1969 and was watched by almost 30.9m people. But despite the huge viewing figures, the show hasn’t aired since February 1972.

Why does everyone put a crown on at a coronation?

This act constitutes the actual crowning of the Sovereign who symbolically takes possession of the kingdom. As the Queen is being crowned, simultaneously the Princes, Princesses and Peers put on their crowns and coronets and a shout goes out among those gathered in the Abbey, “God Save the Queen”.

Where can I watch the 1969 royal family documentary?

The 1969 Royal Family Documentary is currently available to watch on Youtube!