Was the Panther a medium tank?

Though officially classified as a medium tank, at 44.8 metric tons it was closer to a heavy tank weight and the same category as the American M26 Pershing (41.7 tons), British Churchill (40.7 tons) and the Soviet IS-2 (46 tons) heavy tanks.

Is the Panther 2 a good tank?

It had a good combination of armor and armament, but was more toward the Soviet end of crew comfort and ergonomics. The mechanical faults with the engines and running gear and transmissions were never fully eradicated, but when it worked, the Panther did well against the Sherman and T-34 tanks it faced.

Why was the Panther a medium tank?

The Panther had the armor and firepower (more or less) of a Heavy Tank but the speed and versatility of a Medium Tank.

Are there any surviving Panther tanks?

Surviving Panther tanks are very rare. There are just over a dozen Panthers currently on display in the world. The MVTF Panther is one of six in working order and the only one in the United States.

What kind of tank is a Panther II?

The Panther II is a German tier 8 medium tank. The vehicle was conceived in 1943. Two prototypes with the existing Panther I turrets were ordered in 1944. By 1945 only one of them had been built by the MAN company. A step-up in the world from the Pz.Kpfw. V Panther, it is best to understand you are still in the same role.

What is the difference between Tiger II and Panther II?

Panther II tank. The Panther II tank was a German tank design proposal, based on the Panther tank during the Second World War. It had thicker armour when compared with the Panther and some standardised components were implemented from the Tiger II tank.

How good is the armor of the Panther II?

As for armour, the Panther II’s protection is the same as that of the Panther F. It can protect against most small-calibre guns, but won’t hold up against larger guns such as those found on the enemy’s medium and heavy tanks.

Was the Panther a forebear of modern tanks?

According to Steven Zaloga, the Panther was arguably a forebear to the modern main battle tank. The Panther itself also saw some limited use outside the German military, both before and after 1945. During the war, the Red Army employed a number of captured Panthers.