Is Westport Ontario a good place to live?

Westport, Ontario is such a place, and more people are taking notice. If you’re looking to retire to cottage country in Ontario, there are so many lakes, small towns, and enclaves to consider. One very special place that offers the best of the Canadian cottage lifestyle is Westport, ON.

What is Westport Ontario known for?

Westport truley is one of the best kept secrets on the Rideau Canal. Westport is also part of the UNESCO – recognized Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, an ecosystem for the conservation of biodiversity, with sustainable use.

What lake is Westport on?

Wolfe Lake is a lake of Ontario, Canada, located in the eastern part of the province in South Frontenac and Rideau Lakes Townships. The nearest village is Westport….

Wolfe Lake
Location Ontario
Coordinates 44.681°N 76.476°W
Basin countries Canada
Settlements South Frontenac and Rideau Lakes Townships

How old is Westport Ontario?

Upper Rideau Lake, one of the larger lakes in the system, is a little farther west. The Village of Westport was founded in 1904 and became a destination for American tourists from Rochester and upstate New York who sought great fishing and quiet times.

What county is Rideau Lakes in?

of Leeds and Grenville

Rideau Lakes
Rideau Lakes Show map of United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Show map of Southern Ontario Show all
Coordinates: 44°40′N 76°13′WCoordinates: 44°40′N 76°13′W
Country Canada
Province Ontario

What county is merrickville?

Leeds and Grenville

Province Ontario
County Leeds and Grenville
Settled 1794
Incorporated January 1, 1998 (Merrickville-Wolford)

What towns are near Westport?

Cities near Westport, Connecticut:

  • Norwalk, CT.
  • Fairfield, CT.
  • Darien, CT.
  • Bridgeport, CT.
  • Trumbull, CT.
  • Stamford, CT.
  • Stratford, CT.
  • Greenwich, CT.

How big is Wolfe Lake Ontario?

Wolfe Lake is located in Zone 18 (Eastern Ontario) Region, Ontario, Canada. The size of Wolfe Lake is 1014.5ha (which is equivalent to 2507ac or 10.1sqkm) and the coordinates are 44.6759, -76.4898.

What kind of fish are in Big Rideau Lake?

Northern pike
Largemouth bassWalleyeSmallmouth bassRock bass
Big Rideau Lake/Fish

Where is Big Rideau Lake Ontario?

Eastern Ontario
Big Rideau Lake is a lake in the municipalities of Tay Valley and Drummond/North Elmsley, Lanark County and Rideau Lakes, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The lake is on the border between the two counties, 72 kilometres (45 mi) to the southwest of Ottawa.

What is Merrickville Ontario known for?

The Beautiful Rideau Canal Dubbed ‘the Jewel of the Rideau’, Merrickville has become a favourite weekend getaway spot on the gorgeous Kingston-Ottawa Rideau Heritage Route. Located near the mid-point of the Rideau Canal system, Merrickville evokes fond memories of times gone by.

Where is Westport located?

Westport is located just 40 minutes north of Kingston (from the 401 exit at Kingston – take Division Street North – and proceed north on Cty Rd #10), 20 minutes south of Perth, and 30 minutes from Smiths Falls. The closest international airport is Ottawa (75 minutes away).

What is there to do in Westport Ontario?

Tourism and attractions. A public wharf on a man-made island has dock space for up to 30 vessels. The Westport Harbour also has a picnic area, barbecues, and sewage pumpout facilities. Fishing in the area is particularly good because of the fish-rearing ponds set up by the Government of Ontario in 1957.

Is there a golf course in Westport?

Two golf courses are located near the village, both welcoming visitors. Right in the heart of the village, explore the history of Westport. Popular blog on the history of Westport and its residence.

When did Westport get its first post office?

The post office dates from 1845. The village of Westport was incorporated in 1904 when it separated from North Crosby Township. Like much of the surrounding area, Westport received a large number of Irish immigrants in the 1840s through the 1860s, following the Great Famine.