Is there still a Sackler Wing at the Met?

The Sackler name, displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in January 2019, has been removed from seven of the museum’s exhibition spaces amid outrage over the family’s prior ownership of opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma.

Why does the Met still have a Sackler Wing?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has dropped the Sackler name from its building. The move is perhaps the museum world’s most prominent cutting of ties with the disgraced family since their company Purdue Pharma’s guilty plea to criminal charges connected to marketing of addictive painkiller OxyContin in 2020.

Is the Sackler name still on museums?

In an announcement today, the museum and the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation jointly announced the decision, which will see the Sackler name removed from spaces and programmes that include one of the museum’s Mesopotamian artefacts, its Clore Centre conference complex and any endowments bearing the couple’s …

Which museums have removed the Sackler name?

LONDON — The British Museum will remove the Sackler name from galleries, rooms and endowments following global outrage over the role the family played in the opioid crisis. The museum is the latest cultural institution to cut ties with the Sacklers.

What buildings have removed the Sackler name?

The Louvre in Paris was the first major culture institution to announce it would remove the family name from its 12-room wing of Near Eastern antiquities in 2019, which bore the Sackler name for more than a decade.

Did the Smithsonian remove the Sackler name?

The change was a “rebranding” that was not related to the protests, officials said at the time. The same year, the Smithsonian announced it would not take any more donations from the Sacklers. A Smithsonian spokeswoman said, for now, the museum will not remove the Sackler name.

Did Smithsonian remove Sackler name?

Is the Sackler name still on buildings?

An increasing number of museums are taking down the Sackler name. Over the weekend, British media reported that Tate—which first announced it would no longer accept donations from the Sacklers in 2019—quietly stripped the family name from a plaque near a prominent elevator at Tate Modern.