Is there an animal control in NYC?

Description & History. Animal Care & Control of New York City (AC&C) is the largest pet rescue organization in the North East, with an estimated number of 30,000 animals rescued each year.

How do you get rid of raccoons in NYC?

To keep raccoons out of your home or yard:

  1. Limit access to food in or near your home. Do not feed your pets outside, as pet food can attract raccoons.
  2. Seal all openings to your home and garage, including outdoor sheds.
  3. Trim tree branches.
  4. Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the area.

Who to call to pick up stray cats NYC?

If you are able to safely contain the animal and are unable to provide vet care please call the general number 212-788-4000 and/or email [email protected] to arrange a time for you to bring the cat in and to allow us to prepare for the pet’s arrival.

Is it legal to trap a raccoon in New York?

Raccoons are protected by law. No one may possess a raccoon without a license, and licenses are not issued for pet wildlife. Hunting or trapping raccoons requires a license. The law allows unlicensed homeowners and farmers to destroy raccoons that damage property.

What do you do if you have a raccoon in your backyard?

If you’ve seen a persistent raccoon in your yard recently, reach out to a pest control company that is known to deal with raccoon removal. Sometimes, despite your best attempts to handle things on your own, bringing in a professional for assistance is the best way to deal with the issue.

How do I report animal cruelty on Long Island?

anywhere in New York State, DIAL 911 ➢ For ongoing animal cruelty or neglect, call your county’s (1) local police; and (2) local SPCA/animal control (where available).

What does the Aspca do?

The ASPCA is the oldest animal welfare organization in the country and a leader in hands-on work protecting, rescuing, and caring for thousands of vulnerable animals nationwide.

Where can I get 24 hour animal control in NYC?

We offer 24 hour a day service to NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Long Island City & New Jersey and are just a call away at 646-741-4333! If you are in the NYC or NJ area and having trouble with a wild animal or unwanted critter in your home or apartment, we can help!

How is animal removal regulated in Staten Island?

Animal removal in Staten Island is closely regulated by the County of Orange and by the state of New York to ensure humane and proper treatment of the wild animals of Richmond County.

What are the most common animal problems in Staten Island NY?

The most common animal problems in Staten Island NY, that animal removal expert resolve is squirrel removal, raccoon removal, rat removal, possum removal, skunk removal, rodent removal, bird removal, mice control, and bat removal. Staten Island Squirrel Removal is a very common call in the spring and fall.

Where can I adopt a dog in Staten Island NY?

A 3139 Veterans Road West, Staten Island, NY 10309 shelter helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats . to adopt a pet. Beautiful dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and rabbits are anxiously waiting for a home to call their own. All