Is Synology Surveillance Station any good?

Synology Surveillance Station: Excellent performance For the most part, I’ve been happy with how the app works. It’s reliable and delivers excellent performance.

How do I use Synology Surveillance Station?


  1. Launch IP Camera. To launch IP Camera, do either of the following:
  2. Add a camera. To add a camera to Surveillance Station, choose one of the following options:
  3. Set up the IP Camera. In Add Camera Wizard, choose between Complete Setup and Quick Setup.
  4. Make sure the camera is set up correctly.

Can Synology be used as NVR?

Synology can recommend a suitable NVR Network Video Recorder System based on your requirements. If you’d like to learn more about how Synology’s surveillance solution can meet your demand, please contact us for a consulting session.

How many cameras can I add to Surveillance Station?

You can have upto 12 cameras on your device, which is how many cameras the device can manage (not how many licenses’s it has), but this depends on the camera spec, it wont be able to do 12 x 5MP @ 30fps.

What is the difference between NAS and NVR?

Cost – NAS devices usually only include 2-4 IP channel licenses, whereas with an NVR you get more channels for your money. Each additional channel on a NAS is an extra licence that costs you money. The NVR does one thing – and since it does one thing only, its likely to be more reliable.

How to setup Synology surveillancestation PTZ?

Read the Terms and Conditions,and tap Agree to go to the next step.

  • Select the Synology server to install licenses on,and tap Next.
  • Enter the licenses to be installed and tap Confirm to finish the adding process. If there is more than one license to be installed,tap to add fields.
  • How secure is Synology?

    Good value

  • High storage density
  • Ryzen CPU
  • Faster than the DS2419+
  • Feature-rich DSM 7 OS
  • PCI-E slot
  • Very quiet
  • How to add reolink cameras to Synology surveillance station?

    Launch IP Camera,select a camera,and click PTZ Control from the Applications panel.

  • Click .
  • After adding preset positions,go to the Patrol tab.
  • Under All Presets,select preset positions to form a patrol path and click to add them to Included Presets.
  • Under Included Presets,use and to set an order,and click Save.
  • How to secure a Synology DiskStation?

    Simple setup. Select predefined security baselines or customize essential security checks that identify configuration issues and cyber threats.

  • Routine scans. Set a scan schedule to ensure system integrity when files are modified and identify out-of-date packages that need updating.
  • Login analysis.