Is Seán Quinn behind Kevin Lunney?

QIH was previously owned by one-time billionaire Seán Quinn, who has condemned the attack on Mr Lunney as barbaric. Last month, the three-judge Special Criminal Court convicted three men of falsely imprisoning and intentionally causing serious harm to Mr Lunney at Drumbrade, Ballinagh, Co Cavan on September 17th, 2019.

What is Seán Quinn worth now?

His net worth, as of February 2008, was estimated at $6.0 billion, approximately £3.084 billion. In November 2005 the Quinn Group, which was then privately owned by the Quinn family, was elsewhere estimated to be worth between €4 billion and €5 billion….

Seán Quinn
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How did Seán Quinn make his money?

Sean Quinn got his start in 1973 when he borrowed roughly $100 and started extracting gravel from his family’s farm. He washed the gravel and sold it to local builders. Sean Quinn Quarries, Ltd. was his first big success.

Why was Lunney attacked?

In court Kevin Lunney said the attack was the culmination of a campaign against him, his colleagues and the business Quinn Industrial Holdings, which was intensely difficult and caused much fear in the community.

Why can’t YZ be named?

The court heard that ‘YZ’, the unnamed man, had a legal issue that had now been disposed of. The trial is expected to last 12 weeks. On 2 June 2021 the court ruled that it had jurisdiction to hear the trial. The man known as ‘YZ’ cannot be named because he is to face trial on unrelated matters.

Who attacked Kevin Lunny?

Alan O’Brien, 40, and Darren Redmond, 27, of East Wall, Dublin, were found guilty of falsely imprisoning and assaulting Lunney at the Special Criminal Court on Monday. A third man referred to in court as YZ and who cannot be named for legal reasons was also found guilty of the charges.

Who is Seán Quinn and what did he do?

Former billionaire businessman Seán Quinn has said he has ‘nothing to hide’, after gardaí searched his home this week as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged criminality. Pic: Collins

Why did the Garda raid Sean Quinn’s home?

Yesterday, the statement read: ‘On Wednesday morning, the Garda raided Sean Quinn’s home; a humiliating experience for him and his family. The Garda gave no reason for the raid. Mr Quinn advises he has nothing to hide but he is entitled to know why his home was raided.’

Why has Quinn Industrial Holdings handed 7 years’ worth of emails to Gardaí?

It has now emerged that seven years’ worth of emails, texts and memos have been handed over to gardaí by Quinn Industrial Holdings as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged criminality in the Monaghan and Cavan area, can reveal.

What is the Quinn Industrial Holdings case about?

Mr Quinn has long denied being part of, or directing, a campaign of harassment and violence against Quinn Industrial Holdings, by unknown people who want the directors to sell off their shares in the company.