Is Muddy heights on steam?

Muddy Heights® 2 on Steam.

What is the poop game called?

POOP: The Game, created by Blaise Sewell and published by Breaking Games, is a fun, family and party card game where the first player to run out of cards wins! Take turns pooping but don’t clog the toilet! Some cards make players perform crazy acts.

Is Muddy Heights 2 free?

Poop off various hights onto vehicles and people to score points. Complete goals in each level to gain cash, which you can use to buy more food. And you know what more food leads to… Note that you can buy this game on steam (i.e. it is not free, unfortunately).

How much does turbo dismount cost?

Store Prices

Currency Current Price Converted Price
U.S. Dollar $9.99 $9.99
South Asia – USD $9.99 $9.99
Swiss Franc CHF 10.00 +2.31%
Australian Dollar A$ 14.50 +3.21%

How do you poop?

Quick ways to make yourself poop

  1. Take a fiber supplement.
  2. Eat a serving of high-fiber food.
  3. Drink a glass of water.
  4. Take a laxative stimulant.
  5. Take an osmotic.
  6. Try a lubricant laxative.
  7. Use a stool softener.
  8. Try an enema.

How much is muddy heights on steam?

Store Prices

Currency Current Price Converted Price
U.S. Dollar $2.99 $2.99
Swiss Franc CHF 3.00 +2.37%
Euro 2,99€ +5.30%
Israeli New Shekel ₪10.95 +8.69%

Is Turbo dismount free on PC?

Turbo Dismount Game Features Free Play: Select Multiple Cars Available for Free play. Enjoy the match with controller support for more fun! Earn way to score up in the leaderboards. Free Download on your PC and Computer.

Who made turbo dismount?

Secret ExitTurbo Dismount / Developer