Is Lu Beifong related to Toph?

Important and influential members of the family include the powerful politician Lu Beifong; the co-founder of the Earthen Fire Refinery, Lao Beifong; his only child, Toph, a renowned earthbending master and the inventor of metalbending; her two daughters, Lin and Suyin, the Chief of Police in Republic City and …

Is Beifong Toph’s daughter?

Character overview. Lin Beifong is the Chief of Police of Republic City and the daughter of Toph Beifong, who once held the same position. Like her mother, Lin is able to both manipulate the classical element of earth, which is known as earthbending and its sub-ability to manipulate metal, which is termed metalbending.

Who is Lin’s father avatar?

Kanto (Avatar) Is Revealed In the The Legend of Korra episode “Operation Beifong,” appearing in season 4 as episode 10, Toph finally breaks her silence, and reveals that Lin’s father is a man named Kanto avatar. She does this in a conversation with Lin, Bolin, and Opal.

How old is Lin Beifong Korra?

age 49
Book One: Air. Lin interrogated Avatar Korra inside the police headquarters. At age 49 Lin would meet Avatar Korra, reincarnation of Avatar Aang and as such something of a celebrity. Korra had just come to Republic City to train with Aang’s son and Tenzin, who also happened to be Lin’s ex-boyfriend.

Is Beifong a real surname?

Her last name Beifong (北方) is close to the Mandarin pronunciation of the word “North” (běi fāng). The word 托 (Tuō) also means “to support in one’s palm”, or “drag” and is the word used for child care, and is also intended to sound like the English word “tough” and “toff” (meaning “upper class”).

Is Bataar a bender?

Wing and Wei are Su’s youngest and are both earthbenders. Baatar jr is a confirmed non-bender and Tu is an earthbender. Tu is an earthbender, Senna is a waterbender, but both seem to be informed abilities: We never see either of them doing any bending.

What happened to Toph’s parents?

After the two made up, Toph revealed to Katara that she did miss her parents and felt guilty for hurting them when she ran away. In the end, Toph asked Katara to help write a letter to her parents, which they sent to them via Hawky.