Is it legal to do fireworks in Georgia?

Georgia Law stipulates that the use of consumer fireworks is legal until 11:59 PM statewide around certain holidays: on January 1, the last Saturday and Sunday in May (before Memorial Day), July 3 and 4, the first Monday in September (Labor Day), and December 31.

What fireworks are illegal in Georgia?

According to the state’s website, It is illegal to use fireworks within 100 yards of any of these places:

  • Electric plant.
  • Water treatment plant.
  • Waste-water treatment plant.
  • Gas station.
  • Refinery.
  • Electric substation.
  • Jail or prison.
  • Helipad.

Is popping fireworks illegal in Georgia?

Pyrotechnics prohibited It shall be unlawful for any persons to possess, display, use, set off, or ignite any firecracker, fireworks, smoke bombs, rockets, or other pyrotechnics.

Can you call the cops for fireworks Georgia?

Call the local police or fire department’s non-emergency phone number. My next door neighbor is making fireworks in his garage. Calling 911: Reporting illegal activities or use of fireworks to 911 should be limited to those instances when the activity is in progress and poses a threat or danger to others or yourself.

When did fireworks become legal in Georgia?

Before July 1, 2018, the only times Georgians could enjoy fireworks were big, organized celebrations–Independence Day, New Years, that sort of thing. Then in 2005, Georgia laws loosened to allow the sale of “novelty” fireworks, like sparklers.

Are aerial fireworks legal in Georgia?

What fireworks are legal in Georgia? Firecrackers, Roman candles, bottle rockets, sky rockets, sparklers, smoke, fountains, missiles, novelties, crackle, strobe, parachutes, wheels, spinners, sky flyers, display shells, and mortars.

Are mortars legal in Georgia?

When did Georgia legalize fireworks?

What fireworks can you shoot in Georgia? In 2016, the state legalized the use and sale of fireworks such as firecrackers, Roman candles, bottle rockets, sky rockets, sparklers, smoke and punk, fountains, missiles, novelties, crackle and strobe, parachutes, wheels, spinners, sky flyers, display shells and mortars.