Is f22 better than AMCA?

AMCA will not be as advanced as F-35 (for example, in aspects like network-centric capability, highly integrated software-defined character and Electronic warfare) or F-22 (for example, in aspects like high-degree stealth) but will be a balanced machine with decency in many of those aspects which is enough for India’s …

How many AMCA India have?

The Indian Air Force is said to have committed 40 AMCA Mk-1 fighters and at least 100 Mk-2 derivatives, as well as some unmanned variants. The AMCA would be stealthy and have ‘super cruise’ capabilities.

Is j20 better than F-22?

Regardless of a J-20’s speed, a key F-22 advantage is that it not only can reach supercruise speeds but also sustain them as well without needing afterburners, a major technical enhancement.

What is the difference between J-20 and FGFA?

J-20 is in military operation since March of 2017. There is very little public information about this plane, most of it just a speculations. On the other hand, are FGFA and AMCA. FGFA is a program, not a fighter. This program is still at neogitation stage and paperwork. There is no plane like FGFA in development at the time. All pictures like this:

What is the difference between India’s AMCA and China’s J20 stealth fighter?

India’s AMCA and China’s J-20 both refer to stealth fighters currently being developed in both countries respectively. China’s J20 currently is at a higher development stage, having benefitted from the information stolen from Lockheed Martin in 2007 and a few Defense contractors.

How is India’s FGFA different from the Russian Sukhoi?

“The Indian FGFA is significantly different from the Russian aircraft because a second pilot means the addition of another dimension, development of wings and control surfaces,” said Ashok Baweja, chairman of the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), which is developing the aircraft along with Russia’s Sukhoi design bureau.

Why is the J-20 not as popular as the AMCA?

Because J-20 has been commissioned, while AMCA is in development, and FGFA is canceled after being stalled in the preliminary design phase for the 11 years. AMCA program would take almost 15 -20 years to be ready for induction if there are no further delays, while J-20 has already been inducted.