Is Crumpler a good brand?

Crumpler was a great brand before, but after Stuart Crumpler left in 2008, the brand has deteriorated in my opinion. These days, Crumpler is no longer the “hip, independent, creative” label it used to be.

Is Crumpler Australian owned?

Crumpler is an Australian bag brand and manufacturer with two separately held companies who design and supply different products to their respective markets. The company’s Pacific headquarterers are in Melbourne, Australia, while its European office serving other markets is in Berlin, Germany.

Is Crumpler made in Australia?

From Melbourne’s laneways to the world’s highways and airways, Crumpler is driven by new ideas, and doing things better, in our own unique way.

Who bought Crumpler?

Crumpler has been purchased out of administration by co-founder Dave Roper and his daughter Virginia Martin. The Aussie bag business was placed into administration on August 31 by previous owners Crescent Capital Partners, after COVID lockdowns and the downturn in the travel industry took a hit to its cash flow.

Can you wash a Crumpler bag?

How do I clean my bag? To spot clean exterior stains use lukewarm water and mild soap, then remove any soap residue with a damp cloth. For heavy soiling, lightly wipe with a damp cloth. Always dry in the shade.

Are Crumpler backpacks good?

Crumpler’s Mantra backpack is a well-built bag that can be used for any kind of activity, whether that’s just going to work or taking a hike. Weatherproof and lightweight, it can withstand almost any situation.

Is Crumpler going out of business?

This means that while we continue to keep our retail stores closed indefinitely across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines you can continue to shop our Crumpler bags globally through our online stores.

Is Crumpler ethical?

Crumpler’s new Elemental range is crafted with 100% recycled polyester EcoyaTM Fibre. The five-piece collection features guilt-free iterations of their popular minimalist styles; Sprout Backpack, Kernel and Clove Cross Body Bag, Bean Messenger Bag, and Tater Tote Bag.

Where is Crumpler from?

Born on the streets of mid-90’s Melbourne and driven by the needs of bicycle couriers, Crumpler messenger bags exploded on to the scene with bright colours, clever designs, and our famed bulletproof construction.

Is Crumpler out of business?

Popular bag maker Crumpler has collapsed into administration one year after celebrating its 25th anniversary, with the business’ administrators blaming lockdowns and travel bans for its demise.

What are Crumpler bags made of?

It’s a nylon or polyester fabric, crosshatched with thick reinforcement threads at regular intervals. The lining of Crumpler bags is most often either 150D or 300D Rip Stop, which are both super strong, lightweight, durable and resistant to fraying, tearing and ripping.