Is Concourse Village a co op?

Concourse Village, a massive Mitchell-Lama co-op in the Bronx, turned to high-tech in its management search.

Is Concourse Village Bronx safe?

Concourse Village Reviews Close to trains. Although, this is not an area to raise a family, mostly apartment buildings. There is a park nearby but not the best in terms of safety. Seriously go somewhere else if you can.

Is Grand Concourse safe?

A green Grand Concourse The Grand Concourse, a historic boulevard, sadly stands as one of the most dangerous streets in The Bronx. It lacks protected bike lanes and — no surprise — half of the cyclists killed last year in The Bronx were riding on the Concourse.

Is Concourse Village Mitchell Lama?

Concourse Village, an expansive complex encompassing six buildings, is managed by FirstService Residential’s Mitchell-Lama Division, which specializes in the management of housing cooperatives that are under the jurisdiction of the New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR).

Is area around Yankee Stadium safe?

“The area around Yankee Stadium during the day or night of an event is one of the safest in New York City.

How is it living in The Bronx?

There’s incredible variety in The Bronx in terms of neighborhoods, views, housing types, and more. Certain enclaves (like Riverdale) feel very suburban, with views of the river, large homes, and leafy streets. Others feel more industrial, with apartment complexes and more warehouses than mom and pop shops.

Is Mitchell-Lama subsidized housing?

The Mitchell–Lama Housing Program is a non-subsidy governmental housing guarantee in the state of New York.

Can I sell my Mitchell-Lama apartment?

Management and the co-op must sell the apartment using its waiting list to find a purchaser. The only obligation that the next of kin has is to inform management of the owner’s death, and to arrange to get the personal property out of the apartment.

Is subway to Yankee Stadium safe?

Roger — yes it is perfectly safe to take the #4 to the Bronx. I think what George was trying to say tongue-in-cheek is that you will be with thousands of other fans also taking the subway to and from the game. It will be quite crowded and you might watch out for pickpockets due to the crowds, but no need to worry.

Is the area around Bronx Zoo safe?

The area around the zoo is as safe as most places in NYC. Within a couple of blocks is Fordham University, the Bronx Botanical Garden, and Arthur Ave (Our Little Italy). If you have concerns about walking, grab an Uber/Lyft to move between places in the area.

Where is Concourse Village in the Bronx?

Concourse Village Area Info. Concourse Village is an apartment located in Bronx County, the 10451 ZIP Code, and the Nyc Geog District # 7 – Bronx attendance zone.

Why choose Concourse Village Apartments?

There is a reason our apartments are coveted by every New Yorker. Concourse Village apartments are oversized and built with families in mind. The hallmarks of every Golden Compact, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartment in the cooperative are comfort and convenience.

How many parks does Concourse Village have?

Concourse Village has 5 parks within 1.5 miles, including Jackie Robinson Park, Captain Rivera Playground, and Joyce Kilmer Park. Concourse Village has 3 military bases within 12.9 miles, the nearest is Fort Totten US Govt Reservation which is 10.2 miles away and a 18 minutes drive.

What transportation options are available in the Bronx?

Transportation options available in Bronx include 161 Street-Yankee Stadium, located 0.6 miles from Concourse Village. Concourse Village is near La Guardia, located 7.6 miles or 15 minutes away, and John F. Kennedy International, located 18.6 miles or 29 minutes away. Lace up your walking shoes because this area is considered a walker’s paradise.