How wide is a Caterham 7?

Caterham 7 CSR

CSR 200/260
Wheelbase 2,315 mm (7 ft 7.1 in)
Length 3,300 mm (10 ft 10 in)
Width 1,685 mm (5 ft 6.3 in)

What does SV stand for in Caterham?

The SV denotes the larger chassis. Here, Caterham has offered a bit of extra width and legroom, making the Caterham range accessible to those over 6′ tall. This option adds just 25kg and barely affects the car’s performance, making it an increasingly popular choice.

How wide is Caterham 7 SV?

Caterham 7 Seven Roadsport SV 2.0 175HP Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Wheelbase : 230.5 cm or 90.75 inches
Length : 353 cm or 138.98 inches
Width : 168.5 cm or 66.34 inches
Height : 114 cm or 44.88 inches

How fast does a Caterham 7 go?

Top speed is very much limited by 1950s aerodynamics (in all models, though it’s most apparent in those with the least urge), meaning the 160 can only reach 100mph – though to be fair, a hundred in a Caterham feels perfectly brisk.

What engine is in the Caterham 7?

It is powered by a turbocharged Suzuki 660 cc kei car K6A engine producing 84 horsepower.

How wide are Caterham seats?

A 40cm front will fit a Caterham, Westfield and most other similar vehicles. With the B4-43 the rolled edge is left on, giving a more aesthetically pleasing line to the edge of the seat.

Are caterhams still made?

Caterham Cars is a British manufacturer of specialist lightweight sports cars established in Caterham, Surrey, with their headquarters in Crawley, Sussex. Their current model, the Caterham 7 (or Seven), originally launched in 1973, is a direct evolution of the Series 3 Lotus Seven designed by Colin Chapman.

Is a Caterham 7 a Lotus?

The modern Caterham Seven is based on the Series 3 Lotus Seven, though developed to the point that no part is the same as on the original Lotus. Various other manufacturers offer a sports car in a similar basic configuration, but Caterham owns various legal rights to the Lotus Seven design and name.

How much wider is a Caterham SV?

The SV’s wheelbase was stretched by 3.2 inches, and the frame is 4.3 inches wider.