How much weight can you lose in the 3 day military diet?

The military diet, also called the 3-day diet, is a short-term, rapid weight loss diet that claims to help you lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in a week. The diet plan involves a 3-day, calorie-restricted meal plan followed by 4 days off.

Has anyone lost weight on military diet?

It gets its name “The Military Diet” because some proponents have claimed that Military Nutritionists developed the program to help prospective soldiers lose weight. This has been proven false by numerous sources, but the myth is still routinely perpetuated.

What are the side effects of the military diet?

Given that your calorie intake is severely restricted, Parker said that there’s also a high chance you will experience nasty side effects like irritability, dizziness, fatigue, and headaches.

Do you gain weight back after military diet?

However, most of the weight lost is actually from reduced water weight and muscle mass — not body fat. (4) Thus, when you stop the diet, you will likely gain the weight back and may even gain much more of it after compensating for feeling deprived on the diet.

What exercise should I do for the 3 day military diet?

Just like any diet program, exercise is encouraged during your 3 days of dieting. Some working out is recommended while using the 3 Day Military Diet program although it is not required. In order to achieve the best results possible when it comes to doing any diet a well planned workout is essential.

Can you lose weight with the 3 day military diet?

The military diet, also called the 3-day diet, is a weight loss diet that can help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week. The military diet plan involves a 3-day meal plan followed by 4 days off, and the weekly cycle is repeated again and again until you reach your goal weight.

Does the military diet really work?

Does The 3 Day Military Diet Really Work? There really is no scientific data that suggests these foods offered on the military diet will cause weight loss. For example, eating hot dogs with ice cream is not known to take off pounds. What can cause weight loss with this diet is the limited calories consumed throughout the three days.

Can I do the military diet for more than 3 days?

The military diet is a calorie-restrictive diet. For 3 days you consume only 1,100-1,400 calories a day at set meal times, with no snacking in between. This is followed by 4 days of healthy eating without the low calorie restrictions. As a one-week diet, it can help you lose as much as 10 pounds.