How much is pheasant meat per pound?

Whole Pheasant with Giblets

1 piece – 3 lbs frozen $12.18
9 pieces – 3 lbs each frozen $11.84

What is the best pheasant for meat?

Over the years, MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc has developed a white pheasant. This white pheasant was cross bred with a ringneck and through selective breeding has become the large meaty bird that today is used for over 100% of our meat production.

What does pheasant taste like?

Farm-raised pheasants provide mostly white meat that has a similar flavor and texture to chicken, with a subtle gamey undertone. They are a lean bird which means overcooking them will result in dry, tasteless meat. Wild pheasants have a stronger, more distinctive taste that is gamey, pungent, and aromatic.

Is pheasant better than chicken?

Pheasant meat is healthy, and delicious (better than chicken, on both accounts). When cooked right, pheasant is juicy and not dry as some people believe. Pheasant has more protein, less fat, and less cholesterol than chicken, turkey, mallard, and beef. And it has fewer calories than mallard and beef.

How much are adult pheasants worth?

Elkhorn Farms & Hatchery, Inc. Pheasant 2022 Prices for orders placed by June 1st.

Preorder Price per each before October 15 50/50 Hens**
6-week old $5.25 $4.65
8-week old $6.05 $5.40
12-week old $8.75 $7.75
Adult $11.-* $10.-*

What do pheasants taste like?

Can you buy pheasant thighs for cooking?

We offer a selection of pheasant meat for sale, including breasts for pan searing, thighs for a succulent confit, plus the whole bird to roast or braise and other pheasant specialties. The best part of any bird, the thighs of a pheasant, are no exception.

Are pheasants vegetarian?

Our Pheasants forage on a native vegetarian diet of seeds and grain. This specific breed of Pheasant produces meatier breasts and legs resulting in a higher yield. The flavor profile of Pheasant is similar to chicken and turkey.

What is the best part of a pheasant to eat?

The best part of any bird, the thighs of a pheasant, are no exception. Boasting rich flavor and a tender, succulent texture, they are sure to become your new favorite. A naturally lean meat, purchasing your pheasant breast with the skin on helps it retain all its natural moisture and flavor, keeping your portions extra juicy and delicious.

Where do pheasant live in New Jersey?

Pheasant raised without antibiotics or hormones on a small farm in New Jersey, where the birds live in spacious netted fields. This allows them free-flight, natural behaviors and the ability to forage in tall grasses to supplement their grain diet.