How much is a French franc worth in Canadian dollars?

0.206153 CAD
Convert French Franc to Canadian Dollar

1 FRF 0.206153 CAD
5 FRF 1.03077 CAD
10 FRF 2.06153 CAD
25 FRF 5.15383 CAD

What is a French franc worth today?

0.161029 USD
Convert French Franc to US Dollar

1 FRF 0.161029 USD
5 FRF 0.805145 USD
10 FRF 1.61029 USD
25 FRF 4.02572 USD

How much is 1 U.S. dollar in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora Island Guide’s response As a rough guide $1USD is about 90XPF.

Can I use US dollars in Bora Bora?

U.S. currency may be accepted as direct payment in hotels, restaurants and large shops, but will get a low rate of exchange. There are a few ATM machines available on the main islands of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, which you may use with your debit or major credit cards.

How many French francs are in a dollar?

6.24212 FRF
Convert US Dollar to French Franc

1 USD 6.24212 FRF
5 USD 31.2106 FRF
10 USD 62.4212 FRF
25 USD 156.053 FRF

How much is 30 French francs in dollars?

French francs to US dollars conversion table

amount convert Result
30 FRF FRF 4.82 USD
40 FRF FRF 6.43 USD
50 FRF FRF 8.04 USD
100 FRF FRF 16.07 USD

Do you tip in Bora Bora?

It is not expected. If you do decide to tip, there is no “standard amount” for tipping (such as 15% to 20% here in the U.S.) and you simply tip whatever amount you feel is warranted, much like the French custom.