How much is a Bundesliga ticket?

Dortmund tickets can start at $175 in the North End ($500 vs. the top clubs), $250/$650 for Longside Upper and $350/$850 for Longside Lower. Hertha is the cheapest option as Shortside tickets go for $125/$350 with Longside at $150/$400.

What is Bayern böhmen ticket?

The Bayern Ticket (Bavaria Ticket) is a rail ticket which is valid for regional trains and most other local public transport throughout the whole of Bavaria. The ticket can be used between Monday and Friday from 9am until 3am the following day.

What is a Bayern Ticket in Germany?

Bayern Ticket or the Bavaria Ticket is a day transportation pass that allows you unlimited travel within the German state of Bavaria. It covers travel on all local trains including DB’s RE (Regional-Express) and RB (Regionalbahn) trains, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, and buses.

How much is a Dortmund season ticket?

Season Tickets (Season 2018/2019)

Category 17 Matches (only BL) Price in EUR 20 Matches (incl. 3 CL) Price in EUR
Category 1 € 759.00 € 923.00
Category 2 € 637.00 € 757.00
Category 3 € 582.00 € 691.00
Category 4 € 532.00 € 635.00

Can I go to Innsbruck with Bayern Ticket?

Innsbruck is in Austria and a Bayern Ticket covers Bayern (Bavaria). Plus a few stations in Austria directly at the border (Salzburg Hbf, Kufstein). Coming from Munich you can use the Bayern Ticket towards Innsbruck only as far as Kufstein or Mittenwald.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Munich?

Bayern-Ticket It is valid on all regional trains in 2nd class. Regional trains are all trains with the designating letters RB, RE, IRE, ALX, S-Bahn, BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn), M (Meridian), BRB und BLB.

How much is a Bayern season ticket?

Bayern Munich Season tickets: 38,000 (capacity: 75,000) Prices: Standing: 145 euros. Seats: 350-765 euros. The club’s website states that new applications stand “no chance whatsoever” of securing a season ticket.

How much does a Man Utd season ticket cost?

Teams of the Premier League ranked by most expensive season ticket in 2019/20 (in GBP)

Characteristic Ticket price in GBP
Tottenham Hotspur 1,895
Chelsea 1,250
Manchester United 950
Manchester City 900