How much does a wood burning heater cost?

The average cost of a wood-burning stove is $400 to $4,400, depending on the size, material, and fuel type….Wood Stove Cost.

Heating Capacity (Square Feet) BTU Average Cost
Small (1,000) 24,000 – 54,000 $1,500
Medium (2,000) 28,000 – 94,000 $2,300
Large (3,000) 38,400 – 152,000 $2,700

Does Ashley still make wood stoves?

Now, the U.S. Stove Company continues to produce the stoves under the brand name Ashley Hearth Products.

Where are Ashley wood Heaters made?

The corporate facility is located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Manufacturing is located in Bridgeport, Alabama, with another plant located in Eugene, Oregon, and two smaller plants in Tennessee.

Where are Drolet wood stoves made?

Drolet wood stoves are manufactured in North America having their roots in Canada. A long line of manufacturing quality products stems from this unique company which has been owned and operated by the Drolet family since 1875.

Are Us stoves made in the USA?

United States Stove Company is an American manufacturer based in South Pittsburg, Tennessee that produces residential wood burning and pellet burning stoves and sells stove accessories and parts. Founded in 1869 by John S….United States Stove Company.

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Where can I get free shipping on Ashley hearth products wood stove?

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What are the benefits of Ashley Wood heaters?

The most obvious benefit to using an Ashley wood heater is the money you will save. It is less expensive to purchase wood to heat a home than it is to pay for the increase in your gas and electric bills when temperatures are drastic.

Why choose an Ashley wood stove for winter heating?

Rather than increasing your clothing layers when temperatures hit record lows because you refuse to move the thermostat, consider the benefits of using a Ashley Wood Stove to heat your home during the cold winter months. . The most obvious benefit to using an Ashley wood heater is the money you will save.

What are the pros and cons of a wood heater?

In order to keep wood available as a heating source, many manufacturers of wood heaters suggest planting a tree each year to make up for the wood being burned.. The final benefit to using a wood heater is the self-sufficiency your home develops.