How much does a car tracker cost in Kenya?

The Cost of a car tracking device plus installation varies across the various tracking companies in Kenya. Generally, GPS car tracking devices plus installation are priced between KES 15,000 to 20,000.

How much does tracking a car cost?

How Much Does Tracking Cost? Typically, the most basic vehicle trackers can be leased at £9.99 per vehicle, per month. Buying an active tracking system outright, you are likely to spend at least £200 per unit, plus an installation fee of £50 – £100, whereas a passive system can cost as little as £100 per unit up front.

How can I track my car in Kenya?

Trailmycar I

  1. Car Tracking Via SMS and GPRS from Mobile Phone or Computer.
  2. SOS panic button.
  3. Engine cut off directly from Mobile Phone or Computer.
  4. Exact location of a stolen vehicle and Continuous Monitoring.
  5. User Name and Password to access the TrailMyCar Online Vehicle Tracking System.

Which company car tracker is best?

Best GPS tracker for cars and bikes in India

  • Onelap Micro – Hidden Waterproof GPS Tracker.
  • Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker.
  • USGlobalSat USB GPS Receiver.
  • Acumen Tracker UC 900 GPS Tracker.
  • Lamrod Supreme Google Link GT02A GPS Tracker.
  • Akari Gt02A GPS Tracker Device.
  • Zaicus ST-901 Waterproof Built-in Battery GSM GPS Tracker.

Is there an app to track your car?

“Find My Car – Car Locator” is an essential app with stunning aesthetics designed to simplify the way you locate your car using features like augmented reality, radar tracking, simple map view and helping you to set timer alerts to avoid parking fine simultaneously.

How much does it cost to install a GPS tracking device?

Getting your devices professionally installed is pretty affordable. It generally ranges from $50 – $125 per vehicle for standard GPS tracking. There may be additional costs for heavy equipment and cameras.

How much does tracking cost monthly?

The Cost of Vehicle Tracking Software and Monitoring Costs range from $15.95 – $30 per month, per vehicle, while plans for cameras range from $37 – $90 per month. The price will vary depending upon the features you want and the frequency of pings to the mapping platform.

How can I check my car for tracking?

A tracking device placed on the exterior of your vehicle needs to be weatherproof and compact.

  1. Using a flashlight, check both front and rear wheel wells. Use your hand to feel in areas that aren’t easily visible.
  2. Look beneath the undercarriage. Use a mirror on an extendable pole to look far underneath your vehicle.

What are the best companies in Kenya for tracking cars?

There are several companies in Kenya for tracking cars. Here’ a list of car tracking companies in Kenya: Auto Track enterprises. Alpha Colossal tech. Ltd. Apollo Technologies Ltd. Eagle Eye Car Track. Digizone Locate & Track.

How do car tracking companies track cars?

Car tracking companies help to trace a car along every minute detail. These companies trace cars by using special software that collects these data for an encyclopaedic picture of the vehicle. With the help of these companies, a lost car or any kind of vehicle can be found.

Where can I track my Car in Nairobi?

The company’s vision is to become a premier fleet management provider. Now, you can easily track your car free of charge through PC software, SMS and through the web. Address: Lions Auto Services E.A Ltd, 3rd Floor, Gym Plaza, Oilibya, Outer Ring Road, Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya P.O. Box 12285-00200 Nairobi. Website:

Is there any tender for car tracking in Kenya?

Car tracking in Kenya companies have tenders which should bear all the cost from preparation to the submission of the tender. Car tracking tenders in Kenya is named as Provision Of Vehicle Tracking Services and the no is NKCC/030/2017-2018. Closing date of the tender is 28th November 2018.