How much does a Backdraft Cobra cost?

Starting from $54,900 Because our roadsters are limited production, hand built component cars, we have lots of custom options for you to choose from, like ceramic coated black side pipes and roll bars, 18” matte black coated rims and many interior options.

How much are 427 cobras worth?

There is only one genuine, original 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake left in the world, and it just sold for $5.1 million. Ron Pratte put the car up for auction at the Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale after owning it for about seven years.

Where are Backdraft Cobras made?

South Africa
Backdraft Racing roadsters, manufactured in South Africa and distributed worldwide, now number greater than 800 vehicles. With a 92-inch wheelbase offering a bit more legroom and cockpit comfort, the roadsters are two inches longer than the original AC Bristol and Shelby Cobras.

How much does a Backdraft Cobra weight?

These 560 hp cars only weigh 2,450 lbs and will reach 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. Inside is a fully upholstered interior that has deep pile carpeting and fine grain leather. Full instrumentation from seven electronic gauges wearing analog faces informs the driver of their race car’s current status.

Can I buy a Shelby Cobra?

The beauty of the continuation Cobras being sold is that they allow aspiring Cobra owners to own a Shelby Cobra at a fraction of the price of an original. So, if you are still a determined Cobra owner, check your budget and get back to your favorite Specialty Sales Classics Rep.

How many real Shelby Cobras were made?

For all of its fame, the original Cobra was produced in surprisingly low quantities–just 998 were assembled from 1961 until 1968. (655 leaf-spring 289 Cobras and 343 coil-spring 427 Cobras. These numbers include street cars, competition cars, semi-competition roadsters, etc.)

How much horsepower does a 427 Backdraft have?

Roush 427 w/550hp, 5 Spd Manual Trans. 18″ Polished Lip Wheels, Chromed and Polished Components, Black German Leather Dash Congratulations Eric on your brand new Backdraft Cobra!

What kind of engine does a 427 Cobra have?

BACKDRAFT RACING COBRA – Iconic 427 @ 480HP QUICK REFERENCE Miles: 125 Interior: Black Engine: Iconic 427 @ 480 HP Exterior Silver Transmission: Manual Options: Ceramic coated headers, carbon fiber hood intake VEHICLE DESCRIPTION This classic looking beauty was just completed, and is still under MSO (1965 replica).

What kind of engine does a backdraft Cobra have?

This Cobra is Avis Blue with pearl white racing stripes, and it is a shining example of Backdraft’s craftsmanship and superb engineering. Under the bonnet is a 345 BHP 302 CID built by Ford Racing, coupled with a World Class T5 Transmission and hydraulic lifters.

Who makes the best Cobra replicas?

I purchased this car new in Florida in 2008 from Backdraft Racing, who undeniably makes some of the finest Cobra replicas in the world. This Cobra is Avis Blue with pearl white racing stripes, and it is a shining example of Backdraft’s craftsmanship and superb engineering.