How many playable characters are in Fire Emblem Fates?

There are 4 playable characters in Fire Emblem Fates that are obtained through Downloadable Content. Minerva is only available in Japan.

What classes can Corrin be?

Reclassing options

Corrin Base classes:*
Nohr Princess Hoshido Noble (Not in Conquest)
Nohr Noble (Not in Birthright)
Reclass options:
This unit can reclass to any one additional choice, depending on talent class available through reclassing.

Can you marry in Fire Emblem Fates?

To make a marriage happen, you must simply pair up characters on the battlefield repeatedly to improve their relationship status. Once the relationship status reaches “S” rank, the characters will marry, if able.

What is a Malig Knight?

The Malig Knight is a Wyvern-mounted combat physical and magical class that is first introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. One of the promoted forms of the Wyvern Rider class, In Fates, Malig Knights wield Tomes and Axes as their weapons of choice.

What type of dragon is Corrin?

The Feral Dragon (Japanese: 竜 Dragon) is a dragon class which was introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. It exclusively belongs to Corrin and their child, Kana, and appears temporarily in scenes where these characters first discover their dragon powers.

What is Corrin’s Japanese name?

Corrin’s Japanese name is カムイ (Kamui, romanized as Kamui).

Who can female Corrin marry in birthright?

Corrin can achieve support rank S with any character of the opposite gender. Additionally, male Corrin can marry Niles, and female Corrin can marry Rhajat.

Who are the best characters in Fire Emblem?

Harken. You can obtain either the swordmaster Karel or the hero Harken,but not both.

  • Hector. By far the best of the lord-class main characters (next to Eliwood and Lyn),Hector’s stats reflect that of a knight,favoring physical strength and defense.
  • Pent.
  • Jaffar.
  • Priscilla.
  • Athos.
  • Hawkeye.
  • Oswin.
  • Merlinus.
  • Ninian/Nils.
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  • Who is the most popular Fire Emblem character?

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    Who is your favorite Fire Emblem Awakening character?

    Takumi: Cuz he’s a dick,obviously less of a dick in Birthright and Revelations but still.

  • Camilla: Cuz she’s crazy af.
  • Azura: Idk it’s probably just me but she has a personality of a potato sack.
  • Peri: I feel almost everyone agrees with this
  • Corrin: Corrin’s supposed to be you but because he’s the main l