How many kids does Mduduzi Mabaso have?

four children
He has four children: Ntokozo, Mpumi, Njabulo and Zolile.

Who is suffocate Ndlovu in real life?

Mduduzi MabasoSuffocate Ndlovu / Played by

How old is suffocate from Rhythm City?

It is safe to say that he is in his early or mid-40s going by his stature. This answers the concerns on Mduduzi Mabaso age. In 2017, it was reported that he was 41 years old which would make him 43 in 2019.

What suffocates real name?

Mduduzi MabasoSuffocate / Played by

Who discovered Mduduzi Ncube?

Not one to let circumstances put him down, Mduduzi decided to be pro-active and contacted Big Zulu. He travelled to Joburg where he was welcomed with open arms by the rapper, who was impressed by his work. Mduduzi is now signed to Inkabi Records and has released an album called Istimela.

Is Suffocate out of Rhythm City?

After playing the character of Suffocate for more than a decade on e. tv’s Rhythm City, fans were heartbroken to hear that soon their Suffo and the series would be no more.

Is puleng in Rhythm City married?

She has been in a marriage with her 33-year-old boyfriend. Tebogo Khalo wedding took place in 2011.

How old is Bigzulu?

36 years (April 7, 1986)Big Zulu / Age

Who is Mduduzi Mabaso from Rhythm City?

Many people know him as Suffocate the gangster of’s soapie Rhythm City since its debut back in July 2007. Mduduzi Mabaso is a celebrated South African actor that has been in the industry for quite some time now. The actor has won numerous awards due to his different roles.

What movies has Mduduzi Mabaso been in?

Mduduzi Mabaso biography Apart from being in TV shows, Mabaso has also starred in various movies among them being Hotel Rwanda in 2004, Catch a Fire of 2006, Meokgo and the Stickfighter in 2006 and Blood Diamond from 2006. Earlier, in 1992, he appeared in a theatre production by the name Divide and Rule.

How old is Mabaso Maseko?

He was born in 1976 in Alexandra, South Africa. He spent 3 years of his childhood in Transkei. He was previously married to Veronica Maseko and the couple has two children. He is then married to his fellow actress, Fatima Metsileng. Mabaso met her during the set of the second season of Zone 14 in 2007.

Is mdududzi still married to his wife?

Mdududzi is one of the few actors and celebrities whose marital life is doing well. Unlike most other celebrities or people in the limelight whose marriages crumble due to the pressures of publicity, Mduduzi is still married to his wife Fatima Mabaso whom he married a while back.