How many husbands does Monali Thakur have?

Thakur married Maik Richter, a restaurateur based in Switzerland, in 2017. She met Richter during a backpacking trip to Switzerland – he was her Airbnb host. Thakur made the marriage public only in June 2020 after releasing her single “Dil Ka Fitoor” which features her along with Maik.

Is Monali married?

Monali married Maik Richter, a Switzerland-based restaurateur, in 2017, though she made the news public only last month.

Who is Maik Richter?

Maik Richter is a Swiss restaurateur. He is the husband of the famous Indian singer, Monali Thakur.

How old is Monali Thakur?

36 years (November 3, 1985)Monali Thakur / Age

Where does Monali Thakur lives?

Currently, Monali and Maik are quarantining in Switzerland together, with his family.

Who is the father of Monali Thakur?

Shakti ThakurMonali Thakur / Father

Who is Monali Thakur father?

Is Tony Kakkar married?

“For this interview, I’ll be single. Today I choose to be single,” he laughs and then on a serious note says, “I’m not dating anybody.” Kakkar also reveals how the question of marriage has already started hounding him.

Is Monali Thakur dating Maik Richter?

Love is in the air completely for one of the famous Bollywood singers and Rising Star mentor, Monali Thakur. Yes, the cute, chirpy, vivacious and super-talented singer has found love and is enjoying this blissful life with her boyfriend, Maik Richter, who hails from Europe and happens to be a businessman.

Did you know Monali Thakur had a secret marriage?

Recently, in an interview with the Times of India, singer, Monali Thakur opened up about her secret marriage with boyfriend, Maik Richter. Monali revealed that she has been married for three years now but hadn’t told anyone until yet.

Who is Monali Thakur?

Monali Thakur is an Indian singer and actress. She is the recipient of a National Film Award and a Filmfare Award.

Are Monali and Meiyang Chang still together?

During the course of the show, she fell for her co-contestant, Meiyang Chang, who is now an actor and is also known for hosting various reality shows and award functions. After dating for a while, Monali and Meiyang parted ways but are on cordial terms with each other.