How many FUSIAN locations are there?

How many FUSIAN locations are there in United States? There are a total of 12 fusian locations in United States as of April 21, 2021 The state with the most number of FUSIAN locations in the United States is Cincinnati with 3 locations, which is 42% of all fusian locations in United States.

Who owns Fusion Sushi?

Fusian Sushi co-founders from left to right: Stephan Harman, Zach Weprin and Josh Weprin.

Is FUSIAN vegan?

FUSIAN is an independently owned Ohio-based chain of restaurants serving fast-casual sushi made with fresh, local, and natural ingredients. You create your own roll from a selection of wraps, protein and veggies. They have several vegan and gluten-free options and a clear dietary check sheet.

How many calories is FUSIAN?

Nutrition Information

Calories 312 (1304 kJ)
Protein 5.2 g 10%
Total Fat 15.4 g 22%
Saturated Fat 6.9 g 29%
Carbohydrate 38.1 g 12%

Who started Fusian?

Ohio State alumnus Zach Weprin had always dreamt of owning his own business. The 2008 finance graduate started FUSIAN sushi in 2010 along with his brother Josh Weprin, a 2006 OSU graduate and best friend Stephan Harman. The trio were all in their early 20s at the time.

What is an inside out sushi roll?

Essentially, an uramaki roll is any sushi roll that has been turned ā€œinside out,ā€ with the rice on the outside and the nori on the inside wrapped around the ingredients ā€“ which is almost every sushi roll served in the United States.

Can you get worms from sushi?

Doctor’s response. Anisakiasis is a parasitic disease contracted from infected seafood which is eaten raw or marinated. This is a type of round worm which can be picked up from eating sashimi, sushi, and ceviche.

Why do I crave sushi?

If you’re constantly craving sushi, it’s a sign that you’re not receiving enough nutrients from your current diet. Sushi cravings indicate a shortage of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, or iodine. Sushi is abundant in these nutrients, so if you crave them, you’re probably not getting enough of them in your current diet.

Why do Americans put sushi rice outside?

“When rice is put on the outside, you can use more rice. Rice is cheaper than fish, so they put rice on the outside to fill you up. There’s more rice and the filler uses less fish,” he said. Uramaki rolls are also a way for chefs to disguise lower-quality ingredients inside.