How long does your first period last for a 11 year old?

Typically, your first period will last from two to seven days and it may be very light, perhaps just spots of blood.

Why did my daughter get her period at 11?

If a girl starts menstruation at a young age, it’s usually because the hormones in her body responsible for puberty are being produced earlier.

Is it normal for a 11 year old to bleed a lot on your period?

It is not uncommon for an adolescent to experience heavy menstrual bleeding if they have irregular periods. Heavy menstrual bleeding can interfere with an adolescent’s normal activities and cause anemia.

Do girls stop growing when they get their period?

Girls usually stop growing taller about 2 years after starting their menstrual period. Your genes (the code of information you inherited from your parents) will decide many things during this time, including: your height, your weight, the size of your breasts and even how much hair you have on your body.

What are the first signs of a girl starting her period?

What Is PMS? PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is when a girl has emotional and physical symptoms that happen before or during her period. These symptoms can include moodiness, sadness, anxiety, bloating, and acne. The symptoms go away after the first few days of a period.

What do I tell my daughter about her first period?

4 things to discuss with your daughter about her periods

  • Explain what’s going on in her body. Explain to your daughter that these body changes are completely normal.
  • Tell her how often to expect a period.
  • Discuss the practical aspects of having a period.
  • Explain period symptoms and pain.

How long after pubic hair does menstruation start?

Pubic hair – Once her pubic hair starts growing, you can expect her period to develop in one to two years. It may begin soft and thin but it will become courser and thicker towards the end of puberty.

What should I do when my daughter starts her period?

Tell your daughter that during her periods, she may feel soreness in her breasts and discomfort or mild pain in her abdomen. She can use home remedies to relieve her period cramps: Place a hot water bag/bottle on her lower abdomen for a few minutes. Eat smaller, frequent meals throughout the day.