How long does it take to drive around the Coromandel?

The actual drive time, if you stick to State Highway 25 and head up to Hahei is under 4 hours, and around 216km so it’s possible to do it in a day. We would recommend at least 2 days though so that you can spend some time taking in the sights and enjoying the wonders the Coromandel has to offer.

Is it worth visiting Coromandel Peninsula?

Is Coromandel Worth Visiting? YES. If you have more than three weeks in the North Island, you can’t skip the Coromandel. While more and more people are spending at least three weeks in New Zealand, all too often the majority of the time is spent in the South Island and people rush through the North.

What is the Coromandel known for?

The Coromandel, renowned for its pristine beaches, misty forests and laid-back vibe, is one of New Zealand’s most popular holiday destinations.

What is the road like to Port Jackson?

The road is totally unpaved at the water’s edge, with no corrugations. It’s 25.8 km (16.03 miles) long, running south-north from Colville Road to Port Jackson. Along the way you’ll have to deal with some dangerous drop offs.

Is the 309 road sealed?

The 309 Road is one such place. Twenty two kilometres of unsealed road cut a serpentine path through the scenic Coromandel forest, linking the eastern seaboard to the west. Ideally suited to those who enjoy a self-guided road trip, the 309 Road delivers a taste of New Zealand nature at its untouched best.

How do I get to Coromandel Peninsula?

A scenic ferry cruise from downtown Auckland to Coromandel town takes 1 hour and 50 minutes. There are scheduled flights into Whitianga and helicopter flights to and from The Coromandel region. You can also charter flights into Pauanui or Thames airports.

How long is the walk to Cathedral Cove?

The Cathedral Cove Walk from the carpark at the Hahei Village Entry Carpark on the outskirts of Hahei beach is approximately a 1.15 hrs walk. From the top lookout it is a 10 minute walk to Gemstone Bay Snorkel Trail, 20 min to Stingray Bay and approximately 45 mins one way to The Cove.

Is Coromandel in Bay of Islands?

Where: The Coromandel is the little bit that juts out on the east coast of the North Island. Surrounded by the Firth of Thames to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Main centres include Coromandel, Whitianga, Thames, Tairua and Whangamata.

What can we do in Coromandel?

Top 10 things to do in the Coromandel

  • Soak in geothermal waters.
  • Hike the Pinnacles.
  • Kayak Cathedral Cove.
  • Dig your own hot pool at Hot Water Beach.
  • Snorkel Orua sea cave.
  • Visit Owharoa Falls in the Karangahake Gorge – cycle the Hauraki Rail Trail.
  • Discover Driving Creek Railway.
  • Learn about the ancient gold mining history.

How long is the ferry from Auckland to Coromandel?

around 2 hours
The Auckland Coromandel ferry route connects New Zealand with New Zealand. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Fullers Ferry. The crossing operates up to 2 times each week with sailing durations from around 2 hours.

Can you launch a boat at Port Jackson?

There are a couple of places off SH25 where you can launch your boat, but the Port Jackson DOC Campsite is a great option. It offers good access to the tidal beach, parking, and handy facilities to clean fish and I like to wash my 750 Game King Extreme Boat.

Is there reception at Port Jackson?

There is limited cellphone reception, and we could pick some up down by the beach.