How long does it take ESTROsmart to work?

It is not a quick fix and will usually take about 3 months to see some benefits. Unless you live in a vacuum you will be bombarded with environmental toxins throughout your lifetime. Think of Estrosmart like an insurance plan which protects you from Xenoestrogens in our environment.

Does ESTROsmart increase estrogen?

Estrosmart can help regulate estrogen metabolism by promoting the type of good estrogen (2-hydroxy estrone) in the body as opposed to the bad estrogen (16-hydroxy estrone). This function helps halt abnormal cell growth and relieves those who have PCOS and ovarian cysts.

Is Maca good for endometriosis?

Stay on the safe side and avoid use. Hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Extracts from maca might act like estrogen. If you have any condition that might be made worse by exposure to estrogen, do not use these extracts.

What does ESTROsmart do?

ESTROsmart helps to maintain health estrogen to progesterone balance. Its formula helps to protect your breasts, reduce and eliminate the occurrence of breast cysts, stops heavy and debilitating periods and eliminates hormonal acne.

Does ESTROsmart contain caffeine?

The nutrients found in Estrosmart help maintain a healthy estrogen-to-progesterone balance and provide antioxidants and factors for BPA detoxification….Smart Solutions Estrosmart.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis) (90% polyphenois) (30:1 from 3000 mg of green tea – caffeine-free) 100 mg

What vitamins should I take for endometriosis?

Vitamin Bs & B6 Vitamin Bs are commonly prescribed and self-prescribed for female hormonal conditions such as endometriosis. Vitamin B6 (also known as pyridoxine) in particular is often promoted for women’s health generally and specifically for endometriosis.

What supplements are good for endometriosis?

These Key Vitamins Can Help You Manage Endometriosis Symptoms

  • Vitamin D. Many of us struggle to get enough vitamin D.
  • Vitamin E. Vitamin E can be found in foods such as olives, olive oils, nuts, and seeds, and also in fruits and vegetables such as broccoli and avocados.
  • Vitamin C.
  • B6.
  • The bottom line.

Does ESTROsmart help with fibroids?

ESTROsmart quickly balances hormones thereby making periods effortless, slowing the growth of uterine fibroids, halting ovarian cysts and reversing abnormal PAPs while controlling hormonal acne but where it really shines is at helping to protect your breasts from dangerous estrogens.

Is ESTROsmart good for perimenopause?

ESTROsmart helps to balance hormones and support detoxification in the body and alleviates breast pain. With the additions of I3C, DIM, green tea and sulforaphane, the supplement supports achieving optimal health during your period.