How hard is it to get an Arizona elk tag?

Arizona is known for being extremely hard to draw, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to hunt it. There are plenty of other options besides the coveted early archery and early rifle tags. Don’t forget that the application deadline is tomorrow February 11 at 11:59 p.m. Arizona time. You can apply online here.

When can I apply for an elk tag in Arizona?

Arizona Elk Tags Arizona elk hunts are available in a variety of options for rifle, muzzleloader, and archery seasons. The deadline to apply for 2022 Arizona Elk hunts is Tuesday, February 8.

How much does it cost to apply for an elk tag in Arizona?

Permit fees required: Resident elk: $148. Nonresident elk: $665. Resident youth only: $63. Nonresident youth only: $65.

Does Arizona have OTC elk tags?

Arizona offers Over The Counter Elk Tags for special hunts. These tags are for “Any Elk” and the season is almost year round! Timberland Outfitters normally 100% harvest success on these hunts!!!! You do not have to apply for the lottery draw to buy one of these tags.

How much is it for a non-resident elk tag in Arizona?

A non-resident license costs $160 and is valid 365 days from the date of purchase. That’s only 44 cents a day! As a reminder, your license can be used to apply for a 2017 elk or pronghorn hunt permit-tag before the February deadline (the application period opens in January).

What is the best archery elk unit in Arizona?

Unit 23 is one of the very best trophy elk units, not only in Arizona, but the entire country. The Arizona Game and Fish manage the elk herd in unit 23 for older age class and high bull to cow ratios. This is accomplished by issuing a good number of cow tags and lower number of bull tags.

How do you get a hunting tag in Arizona?

Arizona Hunting License

  1. Complete the Arizona hunter education certification requirements.
  2. Choose the correct license type.
  3. Buy the license through the Arizona Game and Fish Department website or an Arizona–approved dealer.

How many elk tags are in Arizona?

The Arizona Department of Game and Fish issues approximately 25,000 elk tags annually. Arizona elk hunting offers the chance at a bull-of-a-lifetime, like this 470-inch-plus giant taken in 2020.

How much is an over the counter elk tag in Arizona?

Hunting Licenses & Fees

NONPERMIT-TAGS These tags may be purchased over-the-counter at Department offices or license dealers. RESIDENT NON-RESIDENT
Elk Nonpermit-tag $135 $650
Archery Deer Nonpermit-tag $45 $300
Bobcat Seal(for sale or export)6 $3 $3

Can you buy an elk tag in Arizona?

Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) offers general and archery-only elk tags they call “over-the-counter nonpermit-tags”. Only a government agency could come up with a permit called a non-permit.

What is the best elk unit in Arizona?

Our number one choice: Arizona Hunt Unit 9 Unit 9 is currently our first choice on our list of the top elk units in Arizona. The Arizona Elk Outfitters Team of trophy elk hunting professionals has been very fortunate to have been able to harvest several giant bulls scoring over 400 inches in Arizona Unit 9.

Where is the most elk in Arizona?

83 elk were introduced to the Greer area in 1913, and the number has since climbed to greater than 35,000, making this elk population in Arizona one of the most thriving in all of America.

How to apply for elk and pronghorn tags in Arizona?

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is accepting applications for 2022 hunt permit-tags issued through the draw process for pronghorn and elk. To apply, visit and click on “Apply for a Draw.”

How do I apply for an elk tag?

All elk tags must be drawn through the draw process. The application deadline for 2021 is Tuesday, February 9th at 11:59 PM Mountain Time. The online application will be available in mid January.

When is the 2020 Elk Tag application deadline in Arizona?

The 2020 application deadline for Arizona elk tags is fast approaching. Non-residents must have their applications submitted by midnight, February 11th. Nowhere is the term “must apply state” more pertinent than in Arizona. Arizona elk hunting takes a backseat to no other western state.

Is there a draw for elk hunting in Arizona?

There are no “land owner” or “outfitter” tags in Arizona. So there is no way around the draw. 4. Arizona has a 5 choice system and a 3 phase draw, but it really all comes down to your first two choices on your application when applying for bull elk hunts.