How fast is a Wright Stander ZK?

With its stand-on design and 31HP engine, the revolutionary new Stander ZK™ combines the uncompromised control, speed(13.5mph) and traction with the power you need for the smallest to the largest jobs.

How much does a Wright Stander mower weigh?

717 LB

Weight 717 LB 740 LB
Length 62.00 IN 70.00 IN
Width w/ Deflector Down 49.50 IN 55.00 IN
Width w/ Deflector Up 36.50 IN 42.50 IN

How much is a SCAG V Ride 2?

New SCAG V-Ride II 52, 37HP Vanguard, 52″ Cut Fab Deck, Stand-On, MSRP $11,000. 3 Year/500 HR Non-Commercial Warranty or 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

How much are SCAG walk behind mowers?

While the price you pay will depend on the dealership, the MSRPs for Scag mowers range between around $4,800 to nearly $21,000.

How fast is a SCAG V-Ride 2?

10.5 mph
Huge Power, Up To 40 HP

Specification V-Ride II
Forward Ground Speed 8.5 mph (32″ and 36″) 10.5 mph (48″, 52″ and 61″)
Reverse Ground Speed 5 mph
Parking Brake Hand lever
Cutting Widths 32″, 36″, 48″, 52″ and 61″

How much is a 52 inch SCAG walk behind?

Dual-plate cutter deck constructed of 2 steel plates….Reliable Power, Up To 22 HP.

Model Description MSRP
SWZT52H-18FSE 52″ Hero Cutter Deck, 18.5 HP Kawasaki® FS600V – electric-start engine $7,199

How fast is a SCAG Vride?

Speeds Up To 10.5 MPH Cooling fans help maintain safe operating temperatures. 32″ and 36″ models: Dual Hydro-Gear pumps (10 cc) and Parker wheel motors (12 ci) deliver dependable power, with speeds up to 8.5 mph.