How do you write a BIM Execution Plan?

7 Elements of a good BIM Execution Plan

  1. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of each team and organization.
  2. Strategic planning, BIM scope definitions and defined key deliverables.
  3. Project milestones and a realistic timeline.
  4. Project goals/BIM objectives.
  5. Model quality control procedures.

What is a BIM Execution Plan?

A BIM execution plan is a comprehensive document that helps the project team identify and execute the role BIM plays in the various phases of construction management.

When would you use a BIM Execution Plan?

A BIM Execution Plan is an integral part of any new construction development project. It becomes more critical while working in a project where international collaboration is essential. It ensures that accurate information is accessible at every touchpoint at every moment.

What are the two types of BIM Execution Plan BEP?

There are mainly 2 types of BIM Execution Plans. Pre-Contract BEP and Post-Contract BEP.

What is EIR in BIM?

The Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) form part of the appointment and tender documents on a BIM Project to enable suppliers to produce their initial BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

What is CIC BIM protocol?

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) BIM Protocol (now in its 2nd edition) has been drafted to support BIM Level 2 projects, it is essentially a common addendum to appointment documents and construction contracts that puts in place additional rights and obligations for the employer and the contracted party …

Who creates an EIR?

The employer’s information requirements (EIR) define the information that will be required by the employer from both their own internal team and from suppliers for the development of the project and for the operation of the completed built asset.

What is BIM EIR?

The Employer’s Information Requirements (also called EIR) is an essential document in the BIM process defined in PAS1192- 2 as a “pre-tender document setting out the information to be delivered, and the standards and processes to be adopted by the supplier as part of the project delivery process”.

What is EIR used for BIM?

What is a Level 3 BIM?

BIM Level 3 is an integrated working method using a common data environment (CDE), which enables better collaboration and model evaluation irrespective of the software solution used by each team member.